Getting Kicked in the Balls, and What Bruce Lee Told Joe Lewis

hardest kick

Don't just focus your fist, learn how to focus your feet!

Having a ball today. Maybe I shouldn’t use that word. One of the stories I posted was about the time I got Kicked in the Balls. I still had kids, but I don’t know why. Still, I had a sweet revenge, an artistic revenge, if such a thing is possible.

The other article I posted was on three things Bruce Lee taught Joe Lewis. This is one of those things that you think is urban legends, then you find out it is real, and it is why Joe Lewis became the world Karate champ, and many people consider him as the best karate fighter in the world.

Anyway, you can find those articles if you look in the humor section and the technique section. You could probably do a search for them with the top right hand search box. Up to you.

Double anyway. Had a great work out today. I try to fit three forms into the time it takes my oatmeal to boil. I make it, but just barely.

Still, the whole work out thing is incredibly mental. It’s not how many forms I can do how fast, it’s whether I can relax my body so that each strike or block in the forms is perfectly executed.

Perfection comes from the amount of space you have in your mind.

If you’re thinking about work, or TV, or something else, then you don’t have an empty mind. An empty mind is possible when you concentrate on one thing and only one thing.

Throw out all distractions.

That is what zen is, you know, just being able to focus on one thing. Some people want to build it up as mystical, but the mystical happens after a few years of concentrating on one thing at a time. And the mystical isn’t always what you think it is.

But, I should explain mystical some other time. Got to write more articles, do more forms, have more fun. Here’s a light, little power kick to send you off with. Have fun. Grin.

hardest kicks

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