How to Start Your Own Martial Arts School

Make a Few Extra bucks with a Martial Arts School

In this modern age, with the economy crumbling, with war clouds looming on the horizon, with everybody shrieking doom and gloom, there has never been a better time to star a martial art school.
Heck, you get dollars, often liquid dollars, just for helping people get in better shape, sharpening up their minds, and teaching them some rather fun karate lessons about how to take apart a human body. One would hope, of course, that your martial arts student wouldn’t have to take apart a human body.
But, better to be prepared than sorry.
Here’s a short video on how to teach, you can check out the whole series if you follow the links. I’ll tell you more about starting your own karate dojo or Kung Fu kwoon right below it.

Now, first thing is to make sure you know the martial arts. You should have a black belt, at least, and the more martial arts systems you know, the better off you will be.
Second, you need to go to college for eight years to get a teacher’s certificate, and…no you don’t!
Here’s the funny thing, you don’t need a teacher’s license or anything like that to teach Karate or Taekwondo or any other art. All you need is the knowledge.
You see, nobody really teaches people how to teach the martial arts. They just take it for granted that if you earned a black belt then you can teach.
And, the ‘official’ martial arts schools that say they train teachers, they don’t have any teacher program, no special knowledge, they just let you teach people for a while, assume you know what you are doing, then grant you a diploma. Of course, that cert might cost you a few bucks, might cost a lot of time, but, in truth, it doesn’t mean you have any special knowledge.
The most special knowledge I have ever seen, for teachers in such arts as Jujitsu, kung fu, or other arts, is that they went to boot camps where they were put through the wringer to get tougher. Tougher doesn’t make smarter; tougher doesn’t make a teacher.
Anyway, if you want to start your own martial arts school, if you want some actual information, some actual specialized and accurate knowledge concerning how to teach the martial arts, let me know. I’ll send you a free martial arts book on how to start your own school. You have to ask for the ‘Start Your Own Martial Arts School’ book. I get a lot of email, and you have to be specific or I won’t know what you want. My address is

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