Slow Martial Arts for Fast Martial Arts Students

Slow Martial Arts make for Fast Minds

I hear people, every once in a while, speak derogatorily of ‘slow martial arts’ like Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua, and that type of art. It’s not often, mostly just Beavis and Butthead types on youtube or etc.

slow martial arts

The fact of the matter is that it takes a lot of muscle to hold the limb up, or the body in a tai chi pose. This creates a unique type of strength I call ‘suspended strength,’ or ‘suspended energy.’

Of course, the Chinese masters of Tai Chi tend to call it all Chi, and they wouldn’t be wrong, but Chi tends to be a catchbasket phrase that describes too much stuff.

Even if I am slightly off in my definition, at least it separates the data into recognizable pieces.

The real kick on this slow martial arts thing is that after you have practiced long enough, you turn into a real fast martial arts practitioner. All that suspended energy becomes real usable.

It’s interesting, the explosive energy, the fahjing stuff, is incredibly fast and efficient. I think Karate has more fast, but the Chinese are more efficient, and the training methods are more body friendly.

Two peoples, two different methods, how fun.

And, not to change subject, just to slide off a bit, the Tai Chi Chuan does seem to elongate life span, make for better health. I think the Okinawans have a longer life span, but they likely have a better diet than the Chinese. It’s an interesting thing comparing and contrasting the various martial arts and martial artists and styles.

If you really want to compare and contrast, however, you need to matrix things. It’s the only martial science in the world that teaches you how to combine martial arts.

Karate and Tai Chi are basically the same, but the confusion over terms, jealous instructors, small minded students, they make it difficult.

Look, algebra is mathematics, and there are ways to combine them. The same holds true for the various martial arts. Unless you have opposing concepts, like the linear stances of shotokan karate and the circular hands of Chinese kenpo, almost everything can be made to fit together. It’s just a matter of knowing how, of knowing the devious little, hard to figure out tricks. But those are all in the first matrixing course, Matrix Karate.

Anyway, I have gone too far afield, this has been a page about about slow martial arts and fast martial arts students, and you have a great day.


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