Neutronics And Chi Power In The Martial Arts

Chi Power is probably most measurable in the Martial Arts. There are instances in all the styles of kung fu, especially Tai Chi Chuan and Pa Kua Chang, of people using chi energy to accomplish spectacular feats. From breaking bricks to ripping the bark off of trees to balancing a handstand on one finger, chi has proven to be real.

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This writer’s first introduction to chi was in the fact of breaking bricks. This was back in 1967, when he witnessed people shearing bricks with chops, and literally shattering bricks with half knuckle punches. Breaking bricks was just the start, however.

In the early seventies Inside Kung Fu magazine came out with a piece of writing which highlighted various chi power feats. The photographs in this article were grainy, but done in circumstances which didn’t allow room for fraud. The feats shown were not normal in any meaning of the word.

There was one photo in which an old man severed a six foot length of green bamboo in half–very springy stuff–while it was perched on a pair of eggs. Another excellent photo was the fellow who held an empty 5 gallon glass jar with an upside down, open palm. This writer’s favorite photograph, however, was the fellow who took a punch to the belly, then kept the punch ‘glued’ to his belly with Chi Power.

It is unarguable that chi power exists, and it is a fact that modern science cannot explain it. There is one technology, however that has made great strides in explaining Chi energy. This is the physics known as Neutronics.

You won’t find descriptions of Neutronics in any textbook, and even google will have a hard time finding the subject. This is because it is a recent discovery. It doesn’t help that neutronics was put formulated outside the empirical theory of modern day technologies.

There is actually good reason that this new technology was–had to be–formulated outside the realm of normal methods. Neutronics, you see, is the physics behind normal science. While normal science measures the universe, Neutronics defines the actuality of the universe.

Neutronics is not concerned with formulas having to do with distance and time and measurement of heat expansion or that sort of thing, but in the reality of that which is to be measured. What really holds a pebble together, that is the essence of this new technology, and this was more easily realized through a study of the martial arts, than in western laboratories. Neutronics is the study of the motors that hold this universe together, and any student can understand this, and chi power, once they begin learning martial arts such as pa kua chang, or tai chi chuan, and immersing themselves in neutronic theory.

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