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Martial Science of Neutronics Handles the Mugger!

Martial Science or Martial Art?
Martial Science is what it is,
but everybody thinks it is a Martial Art.
So what is the science behind the science?
What is the Neutronics behind Matrixing?
Matrixing is the analysis and handling of force and direction.
it is the analysis of the direction of force
so that you can handle it.
Neutronics is the study of motion.
martial artsOr,
to be precise,
it is the study of motion
from a fixed position.
Neutronics is based on three things
Protonic (going towards),
Electronic (going away),
Neutronic (nothing happens).
There is nothing else.
a guy is walking down the street
and nothing is really happening.
There’s nobody around,
he’s alone,
nothing is happening.
a mugger appears,
does our hero go protonic or electronic?
Fight or flight,
our hero decides to be smart
and starts running.
But the mugger runs faster.
So our hero must zig and zag
and do everything in his power
to make sure
that distance doesn’t close.
He can’t run away,
he doesn’t want to run towards,
so he must maintain distance,
he must make sure that…
‘nothing happens.’
But it is a different level of ‘nothing happening.’
Our hero must control the universe
through his protonic or electronic maneuverings
to create ‘nothing happening.’
Can you do this?
Can you study enough martial arts
so that you have enough knowledge
so that you are creating ‘nothing happening’
and enjoying it?
The mugger is swinging a club and screaming,
and you are laughing and playing.
so you don’t have a mugger coming at you.
the boss wants to cut your pay
the wife is so irritated she is burning the potatoes,
and the kids are playing with junkies in school…
can you move towards or away
from each of these people
in such a  manner that
not only do you laugh and play,
but they start to laugh and play?
That is neutronic.
That is maintaining a distance
so that everybody wins.
That is real Martial Arts,
that is knowing the martial arts so well
that they take over your life,
and that is going Neutronic.
And a correct study of the Martial Arts
is the only way to do this.
the sequence is this.
you must learn enough martial arts
so that you have a discipline to hold yourself firm,
that you become a fixed position in space.
you must matrix those martial arts
so they make sense
and become intuitive.
you must understand how to use Neutronics.
you must understand one and two
so well
that you no longer need the physical,
that you can just use the mental
to do your analysis and handling
of force and direction
and control the universe.
This is how you play with the mugger
get the boss to laugh while he gives you a raise
manipulate the wife’s irritation into joy
and go to the principle’s office because your son just beat up a drug dealer in school.
Okay, okay,
so maybe we missed it a bit on the kid,
it’s not a bad miss,
that’s Neutronics.
It is an actual science
based on the motions of the universe,
and it is the science
behind the science of matrixing.
You can check out Matrixing at
make sure you have enough martial arts discipline
to hold yourself firm,
and enough Matrixing to make it all logical.
Here’s the Matrix Karate course,
it has the basic Matrixing tables,
and the core theory to matrixing,
and will fix any other martial art.
All you have to do is take the matrixing tables
and plug your art into them.
And if you want to start your matrixing
in another art,
that’s okay, too.
Study what interests you.
That’s about it,
not much more to  say,
and it’s time to go work out.
Next newsletter is the infamous,
Monster Night Before Christmas,
so i’ll talk to you then.
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This has been a blog about Martial Science.
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Your Martial Art Doesn’t Work, And Then The Hells Angel Showed Me

A Martial Art and a Hells Angel

outlaw martial art

I had studied Chinese Kenpo Karate for two years. I was an instructor, and I had written the training manual for my school.Then I ran into a Hells Angel.

The story actually started when the restaurant I was working at hired a geeky looking kid. I didn’t like him much, but then one day I saw him kick a wall. The wall shook like the 1906 earthquake, and I knew that he knew something I didn’t.

So I got to know him, and he said he studied Kang Duk Won Korean Karate. He said he didn’t know it well, which I found hard to believe because I had seen him kick a wall harder than a donkey kicks a pervert. He said, however, that his brother knew a lot more than him, and let’s go talk to him.

So that night we drove to Sunnyvale to meet his brother. As we pulled up Alex turned to me and said, “I should tell you that my brother is a Hells Angel.” I blinked, but, heck…I knew Chinese Kenpo Karate, right?

His brother was just under six feet tall, a little shorter than me, but he had the outlaw look in his piercing eyes. We talked about Karate for a while, and then he stated, “Your Martial Art doesn’t work.” He twisted two of the gnarliest fists I had ever seen into my shirt and told me to work my best technique on him.

I went into action. I locked his fists with one hand and brought my other hand up to break his elbows, I struck his wrists with my radial paralyzing downward chop, and when I went to chop him in the throat he threw me through a wall. Yep, all the way through a wall.

He laughed and gave me a hand up, and then he told me to grab his shirt front. I did, and he showed me the self defense technique that he learned at the Kang Duk Won. He reached over and popped a fist into my chest so hard that…that’s right, I went through the wall.

This is a true story, and being tossed through a wall twice changed my life, definitely changed the way I was learning martial arts, and prompted me down the road to other martial arts and how to really make them work. I spent over a half dozen years at the Kang Duk Won Korean Karate school, worked alongside all manner of people, including hells angels and other outlaw bikers. Included in my education was why a martial art doesn’t work.

The things that martial arts instructors add to their martial art, the slant towards tournaments and making money, there’s no end to the gimmicks that have messed up the art. That’s why I came up with Matrixing, so martial arts instructors could fix all that kind of stuff. Click to Monster Martial Arts and see what I came up with.


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Matrixing Military Martial Arts…Is It a Concept Whose time Has Come?

Orig published as a newsletter, response has been so good I thought I’d put it up as a post in my blogs.

learn karate onlineOkey dokey!
Time for a work out!
Drop everything you’re doing and punch somebody!
maybe you shouldn’t get that carried away.
maybe you should?

I remember when I was young and first learning martial arts,
I lived in apartments
with guys filled with testosterone
and we punched each other all the time.
Cooking the eggs and throwing out blocks.
Kicking somebody so he had to drop the towel
when he came out of the shower,
nothing but fun.
But that’s how you know
you’re doing the real martial arts.
It’s fun.

Speaking of which,
let’s talk about the what the martial arts really are.

The universe is just a bunch of things
flying through space.
Sometimes something flies in your direction
and you have to handle it
before collision occurs.
Isn’t that what the martial arts are?
Fists and feet,
whole bodies flying,
coming at you,
and you have to handle them
before collision occurs.
So when you are doing the martial arts
you are just practicing
how to handle the whole universe.

That’s why martial artists are superior,
you know.

While Joe Blow sits on the comfy couch
and watches reruns of Happy Days
Jim the Martial Artist
is practicing handling
the whole durned universe
one fist at a time.

Jim the martial artist gets so good,
that he can handle anything in the universe,
he is calm,
and in charge of his life.
No wonder the martial arts are fun.

I didn’t mean to go philosophical on you.
It’s just that
a fist to the face
is so beautiful
that it brings a tear to my eye.

I received the greatest win.
I love wins
that come out of the blue,
they blind side me.
I’ll be running full tilt,
trying to get the job done
Big old win
knocks me over,

win deleted…sorry.

You can see why I love this win.

It’s not just a compliment to me,
it’s a compliment to the matrixing method.

Thank you, Dan,
for those kind words.
Much appreciation to you and the guys and gals
for being America’s muscle.

one of the things I look for
is people who have studied different systems.
You see,
I am always saying
that Matrixing works
for every system.
While I have presented it as a martial art,
and shown it working in a variety of different martial styles,
it is really a method for organizing data.
Doesn’t matter where the data comes from,
all that matters is that it is put in order.

here’s something for you to consider.
What if you took a soldier
matrixed his training,
matrixed his way of operating on the battlefield.
This would be a quite an undertaking,
because the modern warrior
is more than a march and shoot boy,
he is a technical wizard
with a variety of disciplines to use
before he gets to march and shoot.
the question remains,
what if you matrixed him?

he goes into combat
and he will know what his teammate is doing,
will have an intuition about what is going on,
even if he can’t directly see or communicate.
He will be working off the same data base of knowledge,
a streamlined and simplified data base,
and he will know what his team mate is doing,
how he is responding,
just from the sounds,
just from the knowledge of where the bombs are dropping,
and the lines of fire.
He will know
and he will know how his team mate will respond,
and he can adjust his actions
so that he
and everybody in his squad,
and even company
are working totally together.

that would sure make a sergeant’s job easy.
You know?

Okey dokey,
just thought I’d toss that in.
A lot of orders have gone to men and women
in the military,
and I sometimes think about
what would happen
in a matrixed world.

you know?

next week is Thanksgiving,
so I need you to
break out the chopper,
throw a rope over one of those tubby buzzards
and get ready for
the yearly turkey slaughter.
Never thought of it that way, eh?
But it’s true.
It’s us against them!
Who will win…
read blooded ‘muricans,
or them thar turkey busturds!

I think we know the answer.
toss another log on the barbie
make sure you have lots of adult beverages
and someplace to stash the keys
until you sober up.

I just thought I’d put out a public service announcement, all right?

while you are thinking and drinking,
and hopefully not getting the two all mixed up,
think about this:
if you ordered Matrix Karate,
or any matrix course from Monster,
right now,
you could have it in time
so you could practice it over the holidays!

Think about it,
lock yourself in a room
with a DVD player
and a change of underwear,
and you could learn n entire martial art!

You think you can’t?
That was one of the things I did with a fellow
when I was first discovering matrixing.
We locked ourselves in the training hall for a week,
and we worked out,
and a week later…
he knew Karate.
And he eventually became a third dan
in a Japanese system.
Just walked in their door,
freestyled their boys,
and received his belt.

True story.

put your order in now,
change your life,
handle the universe,
learn a complete martial art over the holidays.

I mean,
what’s the alternative?
Watching reruns of Happy Days?

You guys and gals have a great weekend,
and I’ll talk to you next Monday.

Here’s the Matrix Karate URL…


You can sign up for the Monster Newsletter by emailing me at

“So the important thing in a military operation is victory, not persistence.”
~ Sun Tzu

Martial Arts Training Tips and How to Run the Kumite Gauntlet

matrix martial artsWhen it comes to Martial Arts Training Tips there are a couple of freestyle drills I have to recommend. Freestyle, of course, is where you get to get down and dirty. You learn good control through kumite, but you still get to let it all hang out.

There are two particular Martial Arts freestyle Drills that should be practiced. The first one deals with kumite specifically, the second deals with a more street style, or self defense, type of fight. Both should be practiced so as to become a well rounded street fighter.

The first is the old standard you will see in most dojos, you take your place at the head of a line, and the people in line take turns attacking you. This is a fun exercise, as you don’t have time to think, you just learn to accept the situations as they develop, and do what you have to. A few times through the line and you learn how to survive without all the foofaraw.

The second drill is to set up a gauntlet. This is not going to be a set and gunfight type of Karate kumite. It is going to be a much more natural situation which is more like what you might encounter in a real street fight.

I learned this one many years ago, in a Chinese Kenpo school, and we used to love doing it. The teacher would set up a gauntlet, ten students in two lines standing across from each other. The fellow who was to run the gauntlet would face away, and the teacher would pick out three people.

The karateka would be given the word, and he would turn and make his way slowly between the lines. When he passed one of the fellows who had been pointed at, they would suddenly attack him. He would never know when the attack would come, or from who.

Attacks would be a taken until a point was decided. Thus, the fellow who walked the gauntlet could get three points max, but, if he lost three times, he might not get any. First person to reach seven points was the official winner.
the hardest punch

Dog Kung Fu Proves That Women Can Be Very Nasty Fighters!

Dog Kung Fu is one of those exotic martial arts that one hears rumors of but...nah, that can’t exist. That’s a comic book art! But, truth, it not only exists, it is mean and snarly like, well, like a junk yard dog!

Perhaps use of the phrase junk yard dog is unwarranted here, for the art, though down and dirty, is also elegant. And, it was created by woman! And it really is unfair to refer to a woman as a junkyard dog, right?

History traces Dog boxing back to the White Lotus Nunnery in the east of QuanZhou. A nun, SiYueDaShi, is said to have spread the art of dog boxing. Though it is not a wide spread art, it is a long lasting art, and this because it is so effective.

There are two specific hallmarks of this fighting discipline. One, it trains the student to relax, this so the rigorous training will not result in injuries. Two, it trains the kung fu student to bind without getting bound.

Binding refers to the practicing of trapping or locking an opponent. So binding without getting bound refers to traps and locks, without getting trapped or locked. Definitely something the best martial artist will want to know!

Interestingly, the term binding also refers to the practice of binding women’s feet in old China. A woman so bound would not be able to float like a butterfly, but would rather have to fall to the floor and rely on whole body movements to trip and wrap and tie an opponent up. This interesting similarity of term may be at the root of why a nun would be credited with teaching and spreading the art.

A Dishu Quan class usually consists of extensive stretching and and leg lifting and squatting. Second is a series of patterns (martial arts forms) and two person exercises. Thirdly, is a series of rolling, diving and coiling exercises.

There are more things than just what are listed here, quite a bit, for the art is very full featured. It is also very intense, for the practice is, often as not, done on concrete floors! Thus, the saying concerning Dog Kung Fu…‘The Hardship of Dog Boxing.’

Drop by Pick up a free Martial Arts ebook on the home page.

I Love Teaching How to Punch Hard!

I love to teach how to punch hard. I have always loved the idea of the tight fist, the punch that knocks ’em over, the fistaroonie that does the job. But teaching it is another high altogether!

hardest punch

The Hardest Punch in All the Martial Arts!

I usually start people off with Matrix Karate. It is logical, there is no mystery, and it is fast to teach. And, the most enjoyable part is teaching somebody what a real punch is.

Last night I had a fellow take my class, and he had an assortment of experience. He actually knew a lot, but the information was all jumbled, out of order. So first thing I do is have him hold a bag, and I punch him.

The eyes go wide, he is slammed back, and he knows something unique has happened for one reason…no effort. I don’t grunt or groan or muscle up. I just get the job done.

Now, here comes the fun part. I tell him what I have done, I show him so he can understand, and then I hold the bag.

People take from 30 seconds to 30 minutes to figure it out, and this guy was smart. His first punch knocked me back a couple of feet.

I grinned. He grinned. He punched me again.

There is something so downright addictive about smacking the you know what out of something (a punching bag with full body weight behind it). It makes the whole art come alive. I tell you, Karate has gotten a bad rap. A lot of people think it is for kids, or tournaments.  But it ain’t so.

Heck, hold the bag for me, I’ll bounce you across the room so fast your head will whiplash. And then I’ll show you how. Thirty seconds of the correct information, and I’ll teach you how to punch hard. Guaranteed.

the hardest punch

The Hard Punch That Will Knock Over an Elephant

You know, I talk about the hard punch a fair amount, wrote the book on it, but there is one thing that I don’t say, but that I should. Now in the book I talk about the methods, and one should practice these methods, and it should get them started, and within a couple of months one should have a hard strike that will kick just about anybody on their keister.

hard punchThis knowledge is invaluable, never been written down before. But the reason I wrote it is not to give the comic book reader a way to steal lunch money, but to get people to dedicate themselves for a few months. If they do that, then they can see the benefit in devoting a lifetime to the martial arts, and here comes the one thing I should have told people.

You don’t need to do the punch a thousand times a day, but you do need to do it a thousand days. Sure, you’ll get the power in a couple of months, but that is just a shadow of the real power you can get. That’s just a teaser.

One of the fellows who first taught me didn’t have any method, he just heard that you could break bricks with your hands, so he set up a brick and hit it fifty times a day. He had to be careful not to bruise his hands, but he practiced, and he just kept practicing. When he couldn’t practice on the brick anymore, he would just practice in the air, and visualize the brick breaking.

He used to take a brick and place it on a fence post, upright, no brace of any sort, and snap a half fist into it. It didn’t just break…it shattered. I mean, the sucker almost exploded! And that was with four years of playing with it.

Can you imagine what that punch would have done to a person?

I had another instructor, and he would place a brick on a step and shear it off. He said the trick was in the timing, that you lift and lower ever so slightly so the brick was actually hitting the cement step at the moment of shear. Some trick, it still takes an immense amount of focus and concentration.

Concentration, that is the key, and that is why you do these tricks. No, Bruce was right, bricks (boards) don’t fight back. But the mental focus you gain in being able to shatter them stays with you your entire life.

Anyway, I recommend you get my book, The Punch, and get all the data. That way you won’t be flying blind. And then think about what I’ve said here. Put it together, then practice, slowly and surely, and within a couple of years you will be doing more than knuckling over elephants. You will feb shattering bricks with your hard punch.