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Man Steals Own TV Set And Asks Why Didn’t He Learn Kung Fu!

Don’t Help Criminals! Learn Kung Fu!

This fellow had to be asking why didn’t he learn Kung Fu. He lived in Wilmington, Delaware, and he was sauntering down the sidewalk, approaching his own home. Seeing a fellow carrying a TV set, and seeing that the fellow was struggling, he quickly jumped in and offered to help.

You can imagine his surprise, maybe when he grabbed the falling remote, or maybe saw a glass stain on the top, or whatever, that he was holding his own TV set. He looked down the street and realized that his front door was open! That’s right, he was helping a thief steal his own TV set!

Now, what do you do in such a predicament? Do you let go of the TV set, breaking it, and throw a front kick? Do you ask the fellow to put it on the ground for a second, pretending you are tired or need to regrip it, and then scream bloody murder?

After all, the thief has broken into your house. He has gone through your stuff, selected what he thought he would like, and treated your home like a supermarket! Is there any reason to think he hasn’t been in prison, doesn’t know how to fight, isn’t willing to kill you over a TV set?

That’s the point at which you wished you had studied a good system of Kung Fu. A Martial Art like Wing Chun or Hsing i, or maybe even a bit of Tai Chi Chuan! After all, if you want to get in a war with a criminal, you need to be in tip top physical shape, and you need to know how to inflict a little damage while not getting a little damage.

Your best chance is just to scream for all you are worth. After all, criminals don’t want to meet the police, they want to get away! That’s why they call them criminals, right?

Your second best bet, in the event that he decides to take you out and continue with his shopping of your property, is to maintain distance and try a kick for the gonads. You should do this while screaming as loud as you can, of course. Kicks to the groin, taking out the knees, all while staying out of range of his criminal fists is a good idea.

Your last bet, and this is last chance, is to slug it out, grapple, do anything you can to take him out, all while screaming, all while trying to make sure he doesn’t get to you. You know, if you study something like Tai Chi Chuan, a Shaolin Kung fu, anything like that, you are going to have a tremendous advantage. A hardened criminal doesn’t have the strength of discipline to learn Kung Fu, so if you have learned, you will definitely have a better chance of surviving.

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A List Of Jackie Chan Stunts In Which He Nearly Lost His Life

In the list of Jackie Chan stunts the star has come close to death more times than you can count. Still, he keeps going, making some of the best martial arts movies in the history of cinema. Here are seven Jackie Chan Films in which he nearly died, or at least suffered serious injuries.

One of his early starring efforts was a movie called Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow. During the filming of this movie he failed to evade a sword which should have had a blunt edge. The result was a thick spray of his blood, and the screams you hear in the scene are of his real and actual pain.

In the filming of Police Story he was almost paralyzed for life. He slid down a pole in one action packed stunt, exploding all the hanging lights and ripping electrical wires and falling through a glass cover. In this scene he broke the seventh and eighth vertebra in his backbone, and managed to dislocate his hip.

During Crime Story Jackie had a scene in which he was between two cars which were slamming together. Either his timing, or the drivers’ of the cars timing was off. The result was one Jackie Chan Stunt with two crushed legs.

He has injured his knees numerous times, and doubts that he has much cartilage left. One of the worst knee injuries happened during, of all things, a skateboard scene. The movie was City Hunter.

One of his most famous injuries was while filming a scene while filming Rumble in the Bronx. He leaped and broke his ankle when attempting to land on a moving hovercraft. You can see, if you look carefully, the cast they put on his leg so he could keep filming.

He nearly broke his neck on the set of Project A. In this instance he fell from a very tall clock tower, bounced from awning to awning, before landing on his head on the ground. You can see this scene, and other out takes of him being injured, at the end of the movie.

The worst injury he ever received, however, was during the filming of Armour of God. He leaped to a tree, missed, and bashed his head on the ground. The star is a trooper however, for within two days of nearly dying from a broken skull and hemorrhaging brain, he was back filming and making more of his incredible Jackie Chan Stunts.

To Study Martial Arts You Must Select The Right Art

Everybody has thought about a study of the martial arts. They see the Jackie Chan flicks, they hear the crime horror tales, and they know that if they knew something like Karate or Kung Fu they would be in better shape if they got attacked.

The choice becomes one of, do you study Karate or Kung Fu? Or Aikido or Tai Chi Chuan or kenpo or Pa Kua or Krav Maga or…the choices can be a bit overwhelming. So check out the following video, then let’s think our way through a few arts and consider what the correct decision should be.

Karate is constructed of powerful kicks and punches. The training tends to be regimented, and you will be expected to sweat. Depending on the style of karate you choose, you may end up studying such things as jointlocks, throws, and so on.

Kung Fu is a mixed bag. There are styles which focus on close in fighting, like Wing Chun, and there are styles like Shaolin which allow for more space and arm swinging techniques. There are very combative methods, like Preying Mantis, and there are odd and acrobatic methods, like Monkey style, Drunken style, or even the Drunken Monkey Style.

Most people usually start studying at corner malls, and these locations often showcase Chinese Kenpo Karate. Kenpo tends to be a tournament oriented style with an immense range of one on one self defense techniques. The difficult thing here is to ascertain whether the instructor is more focused on the combat, or on trophies.

Another art showcased in strip malls in Taekwondo. Taekwondo specializes in kicks. This is an excellent strategy which keeps people at a distance, and gives a tremendous work out. There is usually an emphasis on heavy sparring in some taekwondo schools.

If one wishes to study more harmonious and spiritual methods, one should look into Aikido. Aikdio means ‘the way of harmony in the spirit,’ and it concentrates on circular movements which harmonize with motions of an attacker. This is an art where it becomes obvious that one must truly understand oneself before attempting to subdue another.

Another peaceful art is Tai Chi Chuan. Tai Chi is slow moving, good for old people, but possessed of some of the wickedest self defense moves you will ever see. Mind you, being slow moving, it sometimes takes a while to reach the level of effective self defense.

Speaking of functional self defense moves, one should look into the Israeli Krav Maga. Krav Maga was designed not just for defense on the street, but for use in actual combat. It is filled with realistic tricks, and one of the most useful arts one can study.

The last martial art we will consider, though there are more that one will come across, is jujitsu. Jujitsu has a history going back centuries, but most of it is now related to Ultimate Fighting Championships, Mixed Martial Arts, and venues of that sort. This is an extremely practical martial art, though one should always try to avoid wrestling types move on the street, as this presents an opportunity for an attacker’s friends to wade in, there could be sharp objects on the ground, and so on.

As I said, there are many other martial arts one can examine when selecting the fighting discipline that is right for them. In the end, there are as many arts as there are individuals advocating them. Which study of martial arts a person chooses is up to the person.

I Love Teaching How to Punch Hard!

I love to teach how to punch hard. I have always loved the idea of the tight fist, the punch that knocks ’em over, the fistaroonie that does the job. But teaching it is another high altogether!

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The Hardest Punch in All the Martial Arts!

I usually start people off with Matrix Karate. It is logical, there is no mystery, and it is fast to teach. And, the most enjoyable part is teaching somebody what a real punch is.

Last night I had a fellow take my class, and he had an assortment of experience. He actually knew a lot, but the information was all jumbled, out of order. So first thing I do is have him hold a bag, and I punch him.

The eyes go wide, he is slammed back, and he knows something unique has happened for one reason…no effort. I don’t grunt or groan or muscle up. I just get the job done.

Now, here comes the fun part. I tell him what I have done, I show him so he can understand, and then I hold the bag.

People take from 30 seconds to 30 minutes to figure it out, and this guy was smart. His first punch knocked me back a couple of feet.

I grinned. He grinned. He punched me again.

There is something so downright addictive about smacking the you know what out of something (a punching bag with full body weight behind it). It makes the whole art come alive. I tell you, Karate has gotten a bad rap. A lot of people think it is for kids, or tournaments.  But it ain’t so.

Heck, hold the bag for me, I’ll bounce you across the room so fast your head will whiplash. And then I’ll show you how. Thirty seconds of the correct information, and I’ll teach you how to punch hard. Guaranteed.

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Getting Kicked in the Balls, and What Bruce Lee Told Joe Lewis

hardest kick

Don't just focus your fist, learn how to focus your feet!

Having a ball today. Maybe I shouldn’t use that word. One of the stories I posted was about the time I got Kicked in the Balls. I still had kids, but I don’t know why. Still, I had a sweet revenge, an artistic revenge, if such a thing is possible.

The other article I posted was on three things Bruce Lee taught Joe Lewis. This is one of those things that you think is urban legends, then you find out it is real, and it is why Joe Lewis became the world Karate champ, and many people consider him as the best karate fighter in the world.

Anyway, you can find those articles if you look in the humor section and the technique section. You could probably do a search for them with the top right hand search box. Up to you.

Double anyway. Had a great work out today. I try to fit three forms into the time it takes my oatmeal to boil. I make it, but just barely.

Still, the whole work out thing is incredibly mental. It’s not how many forms I can do how fast, it’s whether I can relax my body so that each strike or block in the forms is perfectly executed.

Perfection comes from the amount of space you have in your mind.

If you’re thinking about work, or TV, or something else, then you don’t have an empty mind. An empty mind is possible when you concentrate on one thing and only one thing.

Throw out all distractions.

That is what zen is, you know, just being able to focus on one thing. Some people want to build it up as mystical, but the mystical happens after a few years of concentrating on one thing at a time. And the mystical isn’t always what you think it is.

But, I should explain mystical some other time. Got to write more articles, do more forms, have more fun. Here’s a light, little power kick to send you off with. Have fun. Grin.

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Are Tattooed Martial Artists Stronger or Weaker?

gangster tattoo

Tough? Or Creampuff?

Well, isn’t this the most fascinating observation: it appears that Martial Artists with the most tattoos on their bodies lose more matches.

Mind you, this isn’t a scientific survey, just an observation based on watching a few UFC fights. The results of this unscientific survey, however, indicate that perhaps a deeper study is in order.

To be specific, out of the last three UFC fights I viewed on television people with the most tattoos lost their matches, 67% to 33%.

Two thirds to one third, that means the untattooed fighters are winning twice as much.

There are a couple of things that I had to take into account in this analysis, and these factors could skew the results, and perhaps severely.

One factor was deciding, when two fighters with tattoos were in the ring, which fellow had the most skin tattooed. Usually, but not always, this seemed fairly straightforward.

Another factor that seemed to figure in, be it loosely, was the type of tattoo a martial artist sported. This factor is very hard to pin down, as the fighters are constantly moving and the camera doesn’t always pick out and define the tattoos. The single thing that seemed to prevail, however, was that people with religious tattoos seemed to lose more than people with straight forward (not sure what that means, but there it is) tattoos.

Now, here comes the speculation as to why this is so.

One thing that immediately came to mind was the fact that members of the famous Yakuza organization, when they do reach old age, tend to die of organ failure–I believe it was liver. One doctor surmised, with graph and thick reports, that the ink on the body stopped proper oxygen intake. This would indicate that the liver depends on oxygen ingested through the skin more than other organs. This was presented as a straight forward study, but I have a lot of questions, and would like to get a copy of that document. And then perhaps even be able to read the ‘medicalese’ involved in the study.

The other factor that might figure in in this idea that tattooed MMA fighters lose more than non-tattooed fighters, has to do with being ‘symboled.’

When somebody gets a tattoo, the sole reason is that it ‘looks neat.’ This would indicate that a person is more concerned with appearances than function; would indicate that learning to fight is secondary to looking good. This is an intriguing point, and one which I would put more credence in than the previously mentioned medical opinion.

At any rate, I will be glued to the tube, come the next UFC contest, searching for factors that explain this phenomenon. Who wears what kind of tattoo? How many tattoos? What percentage of the flesh is inked? Can punching power be linked to inkstain? Is endurance suspect when a fighter has more artwork on his skin? Obviously, a sizable door has opened here.

The best way to be tough is to be competent. The best way to be competent is to learn martial arts. Check out Monster Martial Arts.