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How and Why Matrixing Will Work in Your Martial Art!

Learn a Martial Art in a matter of months!

A lot of people read my site, or articles on the web, and they raise their eyes and say, ‘Oh, right. A guy can learn a Martial Art in a few months? Ha!’

Lot of cynicism out there, and I understand it. Some fellow studies for years to learn Karate or learn Kung Fu or whatever, and I come along and say, ‘You could have learned it ten times faster.’

martial art

Don’t just look at the moon…BE the moon!

That guy is going to be upset! He’s going to think I’m full of it, just because if he doesn’t, then it invalidates all his years of training.

But, when somebody actually does matrix their martial art, and this works for Aikido and Kenpo and ALL other martial arts systems, then they find that I am not invalidating all they have done…I am making it count! I am organizing their data, making it more accessible, and that means their martial art is sharper, quicker, more intuitive…and so much more!

So how do I convince the doubter?

Try these facts on for size.

Take two pigeons and put them together for 6 weeks and they will mate for life.

6 weeks, and you cam MAKE a pea brain MAKE a life altering decision. Doesn’t even matter if Mrs. Pigeon is ugly.

Now this is a stupid fact, but it tends to open the door to facts more pertinent to you and the Martial Arts.

The US army takes a common, garden variety man or woman…and MAKES them into a soldier in three months. Another three months and we’re talking about a high tech soldier, able to use a computer, or some other complicated device, right in the middle of a firefight!

That’s a good fact. It speaks highly of dedicated, factual training.

Here’s another one: there are ads on TV that claim you can MAKE your body into a lean, mean muscle machine in three months. Three months and you no longer have a beer barrel, but, instead, have a six pack!

So the point here is this: if you are smarter than a pigeon, then you can change your mind and change your body in three months.

Or, in other words,

You can learn a martial art in a matter of months!

You don’t even have to believe! You just have to get a martial arts course and do it!

So now we come down to choice.

Do you want to sit around and tweet one liners…or do you want to join a brotherhood that has lasted for thousands of years…the brotherhood of the Martial Artist!

Do you want to be sweet meat for that home invader? That mugger? That guy who wants to take your girlfriend?

Do you want to watch Bruce Lee movies and think, ‘How cool!’ Or do you want to BE like Bruce Lee?

Okay. Nuff said. I hope I’ve changed your mind, gotten you to get up off the coach, inspired you to do something that will give your life value forever!

So take a look at this site, check out the courses, and decide what you want to do.

Remember, the only person stopping you from being more than you…is you.

This has been a page about how to learn a martial art, and how you can learn them in a matter of a few months.

Bruce Lee Philosophy Concerning Gung Fu

Bruce Lee Philosophy Gung Fu Explained!

Bruce Lee Philosophy is very much like his fighting ability: direct and to the point. This directness he would call simplicity, and the essence of the Bruce Lee Philosophy ends up being very zen.

An interesting twist, somebody raised in a Taoist influenced society coming up with a zen like viewpoint.

bruce lee philosophy gung fu training

Don’t just take my words for it…do Gung Fu!

In the Bruce Lee Essay, ‘My view on Gung Fu,’ he talks about art being the expression of self, with a minimum of movement and energy. This he contrasts with the classical martial arts obsession with fancy forms and movements and artificial techniques.

In Zen one is supposed to adhere to a ritual of simplicity, until he becomes that simplicity.

One can see the similarity here. The Little Dragon minimized motion, and Zen adheres to simplicity. Really, the same thing.

Another example, from the same essay, ‘the more complicated and restrictive a method is, the lesser the opportunity for the expression of one’s original sense of freedom.’

While classical martial arts do fall into this trap, when one applies zen to the thing it becomes a smaller form, a tighter mold, which is easier to break and find the essence within…the man’s soul.

I am sure there will be some who dislike this comparison of Bruce Lee Philosophy to zen, but remember Bruce’s favorite analogy… ‘You must be shapeless, formless, like water.

This analogy reminds me that Bruce DID go through a classical system: Wing Chun Gung Fu. Thus, he DID go through a ritualized method.

But, he came out the other end, realizing that all the shapes and forms rely on the water ~ the spirit ~ within.

The problem with the classical martial arts, in the Bruce Lee Philosophy, is that martial artists are trying to pour themselves not into just a cup, or a teapot, but into a 100 different teapots and cups and saucers and pans and whistles and toots and…and they lose sight of the simplicity, the zen or The Tao, of the expression of self.

This is proven by the last statement of the Bruce Lee Philosophical Essay.

“When someone attacks you it is not technique number one (or is it technique number two, stance two, section four?) that you are doing, but the moment you become aware of his attacks you simply move in like sound and echo without any deliberation. It is as though when I call you, you answer me or when I throw something to you, you catch it, that all.”

Thus, all the classical movements, all the fancy flourishes, whether in Shaolin or Karate or whatever, they resolve to the simplicity of question and answer…cause and effect…sound and echo.

But, I don’t ask that you believe this simple analysis of this Bruce Lee Philosophy on life and martial arts and everything in between…just check out ‘My view on Gung Fu.’

Martial Arts Training That Is Incredibly Slow!

Martial Arts Training at its Best!

Okay, heres a shocker for you to think about–you aredoing martial arts training using the slowest method of education in existence in the world. Its true. And it is propagated through the mysticism and awe of attaining something that, should you use an updated method of learning, would speed up your learning up by a factor of ten.

martial arts training self defense techniques

Martial Arts Training makes for Excellent Self Defense!

Martial arts training works on a method that has worked for the history of the world, for monkeys. This is the monkey see monkey do method of education. Using the monkey see monkey do method of education, you are trained to memorize random strings of data.

Thats absolutely right, random strings of data. In fact, to be perfectly accurate, it is random strings strings of random data, and everything is tied together through mystical concept. Not logical concepts, but mystical concepts.

That system of kung fu you’re pracrticing, the one based on an animal–I have never heard of an animal being logical. Oh, you fight like an animal would fight, in concept. What youre saying is that the movements that resemble how an animal would move have been gathered together so you could copycat them.

Copycatting is not a concept, and it is not being logical in any sense.

Copycatting is doing what youve been shown…or, in the martial arts world, sold. Lots of money in selling copycat methodology, because you can just keep rearranging the strings of data and fooling people into thinking they are getting something scientific.

Now, you might think that I am down on martial arts training because of what I have said. The opposite is the real truth, however–I am so in love with the martial arts it is unbelievable. I dont, however, believe in learning through antiquated methods.

What I do is take the mysticism of the martial arts, utilize logic to line it all up, and learn ten times faster than the next guy. This method, a vastly different than any method you have ever seen, is called Matrixing. Matrixing is an actual scientific method–it is not the latest fake-scientific-wordage (cyber cranial digitation, neural brain synapses, and that sort of made up so on) that internet marketers use to sell their gimmicks.

The inquiry I often get is how does it work. Consider: if you had 4, 5, 3, 8 and a shaved donkey, you wouldnt know how to count. If you had 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on through all of your digits…you would know how to count.

What I do is align the martial concepts in the correct sequence, so there are no missing numbers, no out of order numbers, and no ridiculous concepts tossed in. When people learn the martial arts in this fashion it is possible to learn, as I said, as much as 10 times faster. Of course it all depends on the person learning, and whether they have a basic education, and etc.

The above all being said, it was not an easy thing to figure Matrixing out. In fact, it took me over 30 years, as there was no precedent for what I was doing. The job is completed, however, and martial artists the world over need no longer be trapped by–the slowest method of martial arts training in existence.

Here’s a great article on a more brutal form of martial arts training using…a Tiger!

(classic post on martial arts training from 6-1-09)

Pa Kua Chang and Entering Insanity to Realize Sanity

Pa Kua Chang Makes People Sane!

Pa Kua Chang, or Bagua Zhang as some describe it, is a peculiar martial art where in one participatings in walking the circle till one locates the reality of one self.

Like a pooch chasing his tale till he discovers Buddha.

Like Black Sambo converting leopards into … liquid gold.

Like what, exactly, the race of man racing to?

pa kua chang walking the circle

Dong Hai Chuan was a likable fellow with a fascination for martial arts. He engaged in Shaolin Kung Fu, so the tale goes, and reached a point where he was so great he took to the road and started roaming, seeking instructors able to instruct him more.

His search led him throughout the Wudan Mountains of rural China, back where the mystic sanctuaries stood, and legends had it that old understanding existed in pure design. His search led him to a rare religious sect whose specialists thought that one could certainly uncover the reality of the universe by … walking the circle.

So Dong walked the circle, day in day out, in search of his divine nature. For 9 years he walked the circle, and one might well picture the taunts of passersby.

“Examine the old man chasing his shadow!”

“Hey buddy! Place it on a straight line and you could get somewhere!”

“Har de har har!”

Yet, rain or shine, under blazing sunlight and during freezing snow, Dong carried on his trek, looking for the reality of himself.

At last, some 9 years into his quest, he spoke about to the monks of the mysterious sect that … wasn’t it odd that … the tree he was walking around appeared to be chasing him? That the tree in fact appeared to bending over?

Was the tree bending over? Or was something in his mind bending over? Or was something in his mind simply coming to be … unbent?

The monks eyed one other, and one delicately put forward, “An additional 2 years.”

So on went Dong, round and round, circle after circle, nose after tail. And probably this is where he integrated his Shaolin with the never-ending walking of the circle. Maybe this is where the circle came to be imbued with the art of violence, and came to be not simply a repository of religious fanaticism. Probably this is where the creative mixture of self with the fanatical seeking of God comes to be … whatever it comes to be.

Did Dong at last manage to catch the reality of himself?

No reference of ‘the bolt out of the blue’ striking the formerly young lad is made in the histories. Just what is recognized, nevertheless, is that he accomplished a high degree of skills, that he was so profound at circle walking that he had the ability to defeat the Emperor’s bodyguards, and come to be primary teacher of that celebrated ‘clan.’ And there are tales of him fading away under the attacking hand, of tying up mighty warriors in fragile knots merely to view them fall, of contacting his followers even after demise.

Bolt out of the blue or skills, this author thinks that skills is the more valued. However, that stated, we visit the heart of the fable.

We understand not whether Dong discovered himself, however we do understand that an individual who walks in a circle is insane. Such purposeless endeavor, particularly in this godless earth, is the heart of insanity. Yet … is insanity not just a quality that others can not discover? Does not one have to go ‘in’ sane to discover real sanity?

The guy who pounds his palm upon a stone, hour after hour, day in day out, year after year … does he make solid the hand? Or at last divine that the universe genuinely is created of space?

That young child who will come to be old doing his kung fu forms, does he battle hordes and legions in his mind? Or does he clear his mind of all hordes and legends?

That acorn … will it actually come to be an oak?

The acorn could fall down a deserted gopher hole, and it may root into fertile ground … however it is time that makes the mighty oak, and the unlimited and insane urge to grub into the ground … merely to discover the sky.

We are all grubs … however have we discovered the earth? Will we see the heavens?

Trust Dong Hai Chuan for the answer to that one, yet only ask if you are walking the circle, if you are pursuing yourself with Pa Kua Chang, round and round, year after year, breath after breath.

The writer walked the circle, did Pa Kua Chang for 2 years, till individuals started to bend over, lightening filled his legs, and energy stripes barber poled out his arms … you can easily discover his Pa Kua Chang at Monster Martial Arts. Here is a great course called Butterfly Pa Kua.


How to Start Your Own Martial Arts School

Make a Few Extra bucks with a Martial Arts School

In this modern age, with the economy crumbling, with war clouds looming on the horizon, with everybody shrieking doom and gloom, there has never been a better time to star a martial art school.
Heck, you get dollars, often liquid dollars, just for helping people get in better shape, sharpening up their minds, and teaching them some rather fun karate lessons about how to take apart a human body. One would hope, of course, that your martial arts student wouldn’t have to take apart a human body.
But, better to be prepared than sorry.
Here’s a short video on how to teach, you can check out the whole series if you follow the links. I’ll tell you more about starting your own karate dojo or Kung Fu kwoon right below it.

Now, first thing is to make sure you know the martial arts. You should have a black belt, at least, and the more martial arts systems you know, the better off you will be.
Second, you need to go to college for eight years to get a teacher’s certificate, and…no you don’t!
Here’s the funny thing, you don’t need a teacher’s license or anything like that to teach Karate or Taekwondo or any other art. All you need is the knowledge.
You see, nobody really teaches people how to teach the martial arts. They just take it for granted that if you earned a black belt then you can teach.
And, the ‘official’ martial arts schools that say they train teachers, they don’t have any teacher program, no special knowledge, they just let you teach people for a while, assume you know what you are doing, then grant you a diploma. Of course, that cert might cost you a few bucks, might cost a lot of time, but, in truth, it doesn’t mean you have any special knowledge.
The most special knowledge I have ever seen, for teachers in such arts as Jujitsu, kung fu, or other arts, is that they went to boot camps where they were put through the wringer to get tougher. Tougher doesn’t make smarter; tougher doesn’t make a teacher.
Anyway, if you want to start your own martial arts school, if you want some actual information, some actual specialized and accurate knowledge concerning how to teach the martial arts, let me know. I’ll send you a free martial arts book on how to start your own school. You have to ask for the ‘Start Your Own Martial Arts School’ book. I get a lot of email, and you have to be specific or I won’t know what you want. My address is

Martial Arts Meditation~The Soul Unleashed

I have analyzed Martial Arts Meditation for a bit. Looked at it in various disciplines and modes of thought, and I am always surprised by how little people understand about it. Mind you, there’s some brilliant people out there, got the whole thing figured out. But most people, they are, not to be rude, clueless.

zen meditaton

A Point in All Directions is No Point At All

The worst offenders are those that think the martial arts are calisthenics and muscle building. They do their forms with weights, enhance their training with kettlebells, and so on.
Mind you, nothing wrong with those training tools, but they have nothing to do with the deeper levels of the martial arts training.
I got into the meditation thing by exploring zen some four decades or so ago. I found it of worth for the peace of mind–it is very soothing to take a sitting position and just sit there. To not think. To just observe whatever comes up.
And, the value to the martial arts was in that when I struck a position I would hold it, zen it, and this is what the old Chinese call Pile Stancing, or some term like that. Just take a posture and hold it.
I found that this made me much more perceptive, and really set me up for the explosion. The difficult thing was acquiring deeper levels of relaxation even as I became more able to explode. This is matter of pushing two extremes to cultivate the middle ground.
The problem with this type of method is that it doesn’t really move the person along to the ever deeper levels.
I suppose a pure zenist might observe that the desire to go somewhere is not pure zen. They would be right. But Zen martial arts requires one to go somewhere, and to figure out how to take the zen along.
So I explored yoga. Yoga gave me more postures, more positions to relax in, more positions to extend my perceptions from, more positions to explore the potential not for just exploding, but for flowing.
I had become aware of the potentials of flow for many decades previous, as I explored Tai Chi Chuan and the sudan based arts, and this had gotten quite zenny. But, as I observed previous, there was a limit to this. Flow stopped, and required more zen.
So the final runway looks like this.
Karate to explode.
Zen to make the karate explosion more pure.
Tai Chi to flow.
Yoga to extend the flow of zen into and through other martial arts.
Mind you, there is a lot more to this subject, and a lot less.
More if you want nothing but pure martial arts.
Less if you want to go neutronic and get to the heart of the martial arts.
Anyway, how people figure this out is variable, as they all have different experiences, different ways of relating to the things I’ve outlined here.
The main thing, however is to begin the journey. To break away from Martial Arts as simply a way to enhance the body vehicle, and to learn how to use them to explore and navigate the true potential of the mind and spirit.
If you want to learn more about Martial Arts meditation and where it leads to, click to Monster Martial Arts. If you learn the fighting disciplines faster, you will get to the end of the road quicker.

The Proof is Mounting that Martial Artists with Tattoos are Weaker!

karate muscles

I got your chi right here...beotch!

Watching the martial artists on the UFC last night.
The first two matches the fellows with less tattoos won over the fellows with more tattoos.

Then I went to the UFC house, and the guys with more tattoos won!
Wait a minute, this isn’t the way the statistics have been going!
Then I realized, the coach for the guys who happened to have no tattoos wasn’t even showing up. So I would say that the results are skewed. Still, I can’t ignore them, I just have to expand my database. And I’m going to have to take into account factors such as the disappearing MA coach. Oh well. It’s still fun.

My website is Monster Martial Arts, and a lot of people get interested in my book on The Punch, which lists the concepts and training routines you need to have the strongest punch in the world. There’s a free martial arts book on the home page.