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Free Martial Arts Book Merry Christmas!

Got a great Martial Arts Book Offer for you.

It’s my way of wishing Merry Christmas to every Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, Scientologist, or whatever religion you happen to be. This is a special day for somebody somewhere, so we should all party, we should all be glad that somebody has found an excuse to be kind on this war torn, economically deprived, stupid planet.

It’s not your particular special day? Tough. Party anyway, and pray, chant, light a candle for world peace.

Screw the politicians…let’s have fun!

Click here for my Xmas gift…

Here’s a few Free Martial Arts Books Online!

reading martial arts book

Knowledge is in Free Martial Arts Books!

I love freebies, and I know that people love them, and that means you’re gonna love free martial arts books, right?

I started off with my three free Matrix books. They are short, little manuals describing what Matrixing is and where it comes from.

Right now I’m searching through military files, the net, everywhere I can to find more free books. I’ll build a list, and if anybody has a free martial arts book, one that is in the public domain that others would love to see, let me know.

I mean, yes, we have to take lessons, but we should also augment them with as much quality information from other sources as we can. Right?

So here are three free martial arts books to start, and I’ll talk to you later.

New Martial Arts Website with Hundreds of Articles!

Just got my new site up and running.

It’s an ambitious site, as I have been writing articles since the 1980s. Wrote for Inside Karate, Inside Kung Fu, Black Belt, all the mags. And, with the internet, the number of my articles is near 400.

So I wanted a website that would have all the articles in one place.

And, I wanted to open it up, let other martial artists post their articles.

And let web masters use.

And, while I am not a fan of forums, it imperfectly okay to use the comments at the bottom of each page to put forth question or comments. Just remember, incorrect language reveals lack of intelligence. Grin.

And there are a lot of other things I am working on, including a section of free books.

Of course, this is going to take time, but I have forty or fifty articles up, and am working on more, more, more.

So there you go, head on over to Free Martial Arts Online. Subscribe to the blog, check out the articles, and have yourself a ball.


Click on the headline right above this and on the right. It says ‘New Martial Arts Website….’ Click on that and follow the blog.

BTW, Feel free to comment on any post, but remember, how you speak reveals your intelligence. Smart people use the correct language. Dumb people don’t.