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Congrats to New Master Instructor

Taken from newsletter 625,
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Hello and great day to you ALL!
And a great work out,
which will make you smarter and faster and stronger
and lead you to your dreams.
It’s true.

martial arts instructor
Congrats to Master Instructor Luis Lista!
Here’s his win…

Hi Al,

Thank you for this amazing course!

I had to watch the DVD 3 or 4 times, and I realize there are still a
lot of things that I understand intellectually but have to practice
further to make them natural.

But your statement was true. One cannot watch this DVD and read the course book seriously without having some huge realizations about the Art, and the way to practice it.

I’ve been able to correct my own stances and sharpen my “good
reflexes” in a dramatic way! I still have a lot to learn and
practice, but wow what a change, a true “mind-shifting process”!

And frankly that is not the best of it. I share the practice of your
Matrix Karate System with some people of my neighborhood, and I noticed that I can now see way better their eventual mistakes AND I’m able to propose simple and direct solutions AND show them why and how they work. That is fantastic!

At my small scale this as been the most beneficial course for helping people learning the Art… and for helping me structure the way I share the practice.

I even could make some valuable suggestion to a friend who is a master in a traditional Japanese Koryu… even I was surprised! Suggestions came by themselves because I was just seeing things you showed and explained in your course.

And I now this is a course that will follow me trough time, I’ll have
the opportunity to return to it and evaluate and learn regularly from it… what a joy!

Al, I must sincerely thank you for your wonderful work of
dissemination of Martial Arts!

Luis L.

Thank you, Luis!
and thank you for sharing with others.

Sometimes I don’t think people truly appreciate teachers,
but teaching others is how mankind actually progresses.
No teachers = no evolution.

You know,
I’ve said it before,
but perhaps it is time to say it again…
I came up with this course.

I studied,
and I wrote things down,
and I made connections,
and I thought everybody was doing the same things as I.
I didn’t think I was doing anything unique,
I thought everybody did the martial arts the way I was doing them,
I thought everybody had the same realizations,
understood about how the physics worked,
and so on.

I think the first person who abused me of this was Mike Baron.
He was my partner in one of my schools,
and actually pushed Monster into happening.
He said,
‘You know, Al, nobody else is doing the things you’re doing.’
As I recall,
I just grinned.
I thought he was just unaware of everybody else.
Then we released a couple of courses,
among them was the Master Instructor course,
and the wins started coming in.
It blew me away.
Far away.
People with lots of experience,
were telling me how
they finally understood the martial arts,
how everything had been obscured and mixed up and jumbled,
and they were finally able to see how the martial arts worked.

I was surprised,
to say the least,
and it changed the way I was doing things.

it is changing the way other people are doing things.

thanks Luis,
and thanks to all for being part of the martial arts.
that said,
let me explain something about the martial arts.

The Martial Arts are the only field
that deal with the actual force and flow of the universe.
School and religion certainly don’t,
they just talk about dry facts,
or esoteric theories,
but don’t relate to the fact that everything in the universe
is an object that has trajectory.
Martial Arts are the ONLY field on this planet that actually deals
with the force and flow of objects,
and thus with the whole universe.

This leads directly to awareness.
People who don’t study the martial arts are car crash victims.
Life happens to them,
and they don’t understand why.
Martial Artists see the way objects fly,
from the fist to the car to the whole darned planet,
and they are trained to handle the flow of objects,
and the potential collisions.

even more importantly,
the martial arts provide a discipline
which leads down the path
to greater awareness.
This happens no where else.

Go to school and your intelligence actually goes down.
This is true by actual, tested statistic.
People in school study facts
until the flow of objects in this universe is obscured.

But people who do the martial arts
have quicker and cleaner intellects.
They have good health,
they handle problems as they come,
stay away from drugs,
help people learn how to be aware.

Do you understand how valuable you are?

forgive me for ranting,
but it is true,
and you really should know how special you are.

So thanks to all,
and thanks to Luis,
and here’s the URL for the Master instructor Course…

And everybody have a great work out!

What is a Karate Sensei Trying to Teach?

Not many people understand what a real Karate sensei is trying to teach. Too often people sign up for a karate lesson, learn to bow and call the teacher Sensei, and don’t even know what the word means. This is true not just of karate, but of other martial arts, such as Kenpo or Kung Fu. To understand what the word sensei means, however, is to change the student’s mind about what the martial arts are all about.

In Japan there is a three year ‘task’ for monks during their training. During this time they must live by the kindness of their fellow man. They sit in places where people pass by and hold their cups out and beg without speaking.

One of the places for these monks is at crossroads. People travel by, flip a coin in the cup, and walk on. And, occasionally, people ask where a destination is.

The monk, who after a time of living in such a manner looks rather shabby, merely extends his finger and points down the road. Thus, the word sensei means: ‘He who points the way.’ And this term has been taken and used by people who are guiding others to a specific destination.

Now, the unfortunate fact is that many martial arts instructors don’t understand this. Martial Arts have exploded across civilization so fast that proper teachings have been all but forgotten. Thus, many karate sensei are in it solely for the ‘domination factor.’

Thus, real teachings are put aside, and the teaching method has been geared for the person who wishes to control people. But a real martial arts teacher doesn’t control people; he teaches martial arts. And there is a huge and vast difference between these two things.

The fellow who teaches people is looking for money, to dominate, to make sure he is the leader of the pack. The fellow who teaches martial arts doesn’t care about being leader of the pack, he just wants to give information that will lead the student down the correct path. The question is…what is the correct path?

A martial art teacher who lacks understanding will point to trophies, to being in charge, to winning no matter what the cost is. A martial art instructor who has not journeyed upon the way himself will push people, call for discipline, and make people monkey see monkey do what he is showing them, no matter that he doesn’t understand it himself. A true Karate sensei gives the teachings, then removes himself from the path of the student.

Fortunately, there is a course that is not monkey see monkey do, but actually works the way old time martial arts instruction. Karate sensei everywhere, if they want to be true to the art, should look to the Martial Arts Instructor Course at Free Martial Arts Online.