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How and Why Matrixing Will Work in Your Martial Art!

Learn a Martial Art in a matter of months!

A lot of people read my site, or articles on the web, and they raise their eyes and say, ‘Oh, right. A guy can learn a Martial Art in a few months? Ha!’

Lot of cynicism out there, and I understand it. Some fellow studies for years to learn Karate or learn Kung Fu or whatever, and I come along and say, ‘You could have learned it ten times faster.’

martial art

Don’t just look at the moon…BE the moon!

That guy is going to be upset! He’s going to think I’m full of it, just because if he doesn’t, then it invalidates all his years of training.

But, when somebody actually does matrix their martial art, and this works for Aikido and Kenpo and ALL other martial arts systems, then they find that I am not invalidating all they have done…I am making it count! I am organizing their data, making it more accessible, and that means their martial art is sharper, quicker, more intuitive…and so much more!

So how do I convince the doubter?

Try these facts on for size.

Take two pigeons and put them together for 6 weeks and they will mate for life.

6 weeks, and you cam MAKE a pea brain MAKE a life altering decision. Doesn’t even matter if Mrs. Pigeon is ugly.

Now this is a stupid fact, but it tends to open the door to facts more pertinent to you and the Martial Arts.

The US army takes a common, garden variety man or woman…and MAKES them into a soldier in three months. Another three months and we’re talking about a high tech soldier, able to use a computer, or some other complicated device, right in the middle of a firefight!

That’s a good fact. It speaks highly of dedicated, factual training.

Here’s another one: there are ads on TV that claim you can MAKE your body into a lean, mean muscle machine in three months. Three months and you no longer have a beer barrel, but, instead, have a six pack!

So the point here is this: if you are smarter than a pigeon, then you can change your mind and change your body in three months.

Or, in other words,

You can learn a martial art in a matter of months!

You don’t even have to believe! You just have to get a martial arts course and do it!

So now we come down to choice.

Do you want to sit around and tweet one liners…or do you want to join a brotherhood that has lasted for thousands of years…the brotherhood of the Martial Artist!

Do you want to be sweet meat for that home invader? That mugger? That guy who wants to take your girlfriend?

Do you want to watch Bruce Lee movies and think, ‘How cool!’ Or do you want to BE like Bruce Lee?

Okay. Nuff said. I hope I’ve changed your mind, gotten you to get up off the coach, inspired you to do something that will give your life value forever!

So take a look at this http://monstermartialarts.com site, check out the courses, and decide what you want to do.

Remember, the only person stopping you from being more than you…is you.

This has been a page about how to learn a martial art, and how you can learn them in a matter of a few months.

I Trained at a Kung Fu School…and Learned to Fart on Your Food!

Kung Fu School…and Learning How to Fart!

I began to understand that having gone to a Kung Fu School, I was not the same as other people. I don’t think I realized how much martial arts had made me unique until the day I ran a social experiment where I had a Kung Fu student deliberately fart on people’s food. Just so you know, no food was actually harmed in the conducting of this social experiment…grin.

kung fu school

Learn Kung Fu...or Be a Politically Correct Idiot!

I knew I wasn’t the same as other people because I don’t follow the rules of society. I was always being in trouble, always said the wrong thing, and always being the only person having a good time. The truth is that breaking the rules and having a good time are two sides of the same coin.

And, I noticed that people around me were getting older, especially in the way they behaved. They started thinking that politicians and other fools and liars were important, and they grew frown lines on their faces. Me, I just kept studying and training and having a good time in Kung Fu and other martial arts.

One day I bought this fart machine on the internet. You click a button and it makes the wonderful sound of a ‘spider barking,’ or whatever you want to call the nether sound,  and most people are easily fooled. Then I had one of my Kung Fu students slide it in his rear pocket, and had him back up to a table at a nearby cafe.

I expected to have to save him when somebody got enraged over his behavior, but I was wrong. It was a sidewalk cafe, people eating along the walk, and he would back his fanny right over the table, and click the button. People stopped conversing, looked down at their tea and toast, and kept right on munching.

I was in shock, farts are actually airborne fecal matter, and every person we did this to just looked down and kept eating. I would have gotten loud and violent if anybody ever tried that on me. So why wasn’t anybody getting outraged?

I would have gotten angry because I learned Kung Fu, and I am trained to stand up to fools who act like that. Simply, I am not afraid of some durned idiot who lets out a puffer. And all those people whose ham and taters we were farting over had not learned martial arts.

The people of this great nation, you see, have gone to school, watched too many soap operas and sitcoms, and had the gumption socially acclimated right out of them. Political correctness has now taken the place of the desire to survive, and people just sit around and be victims…they are afraid to stand up and say: get out of here and don’t you ever pull that stuff again! So go ahead and continue the way you are going, encourage your kids to go to school and learn how to be good repubs or demos, don’t go to a Kung Fu school or take a martial art like Kenpo or Taekwondo or something, and the next time you sit down and hear a strange sound blowing out the back of somebodys shorts…just look down and keep eating.

Toss out political correctness, click to Monster Martial Arts, learn real Kung Fu from a real kung fu school…right off the net…and start undoing what has been done to you.

Learn Kung Fu: Five Methods Including Reversing The Matrix

Learn Kung Fu by Reversing the Matrix!

Tto learn Kung Fu or Karate, or to learn any martial art there are many methods. Unfortunately, most of these methods have limited workability. There is one method, however, that can be used in any art, and improves the learning curve drastically.

Most methods, you see, are based on monkey see monkey do, which is pretty much the oldest, and most inefficient, martial arts training method in existence, in history, and ever. The modern, state of the art method for learning a martial art is matrixing. No offense, but if you live in some backwoods place and haven’t heard of matrixing, you could probably do a quick google on matrix karate, or matrix kung fu, and find out what it is.

At any rate, there are some rather simple methods one can use if one decides to learn by Kung videos, learn taekwondo online, or whatever. The first method, though it is still of the monkey see monkey do variety, is to learn a form or martial arts kata. The learning curve starts to take off, however, when one realizes that they can practice the form facing in any of the four directions of the compass.

learn Kung Fu diagram

All Arts Are Part of the Same Puzzle--If You Can solve Them!

One faces in a certain direction when learning a form, maybe because they are watching a martial arts video, gets used to the direction, even uses key things in the environment to orient themselves. So to start facing north instead of south is actually a good thing. One quickly discards environmental cues and starts inputting the form without need for external reference points.

A second way to learn forms and self defense techniques is to simply do them on both the right and the left side. Everybody figures this one out pretty quickly in their training. To do Karate forms, or Kenpo techniques on both the right side and the left side of the body tends to ‘wake up the brain,’ and the student quickly considers martial arts moves in new ways.

The third way of studying martial arts forms is to perform them backwards. Do your Karate kata backwards-not just the sequence of blocks and strikes in reverse order, but to reverse motion the moves themselves-and you will find the mental capacity expanding geometrically. Not many people have seen this method, it is difficult to do, but man…does it work!

Now, we have actually left most people behind with the last method, and that’s too bad, because it is about to get juicy. Once one learns how to write a matrix on a martial arts, kung fu, karate, or whatever, they think they have opened up wide new vistas of martial arts techniques. They have only scratched the surface, however, for there are two other things one can do that are simple and easy and yet have profound impact.

First, one can put matrixes together; just as the matrixes use basic techniques to open up other techniques, one can use whole matrixes to open up other matrixes. Second, one can actually flip, or reverse, matrixes, and this one opens up the mind and causes massive amounts of data to unfold. Of course, one has to learn how to write a matrix first, and then do a few of them, but once they have done this they will be able to reverse the matrix and learn martial arts faster; they will be able to learn Kung Fu or taekwondo or any martial art they want faster than Neo can play hop scotch.

Learn Martial Arts, learn Karate or Kenpo or whatever, by using the fastest and most efficient training method in existence. Mouse to Monster Martial Arts.

Old Man Knocked Out…Is It Time To Study Kung Fu?

Everybody is going to realize it is time to Study Kung Fu when they see this video. It takes place on a Chicago subway platform, some old dude is walking along begging for change, and he runs into the wrong crowd. Google ‘Elderly Man Attacked on CTA Platform (Chicago).’

Now, time for some serious thought about what just happened. You see somebody old and helpless, almost dazed, definitely doesn’t have a clue, get the sense knocked out of him. So what is it about him that drives a bunch of young criminals to violence?

He isn’t a threat, not any way you look at him. He’s not threatening people, doesn’t really look like he knows what he is doing. So there is no reason for his mugging, and let’s consider the young punk who did the deed to him.

The guy is young and arrogant, probably doesn’t work, and doesn’t look like he wants to. He’s got his crowd of homies, all as full of themselves and as criminal as him, and they are cheering him on. So here’s the question: is this what is happening to the United States?

Or, maybe the question we should frame should be, are you going to do anything about it? There aren’t any police around, and no one comes to protect the old dude. People just run get out of the way and act like doped up people at a rock concert.

And, here’s the point I want to make: nobody knows Kung Fu. Nobody knows Shaolin or Wing Chun or even Tai Chi Chuan. Nobody, even after the fact, goes after the kid and takes him down and holds him for the police.

Now, with America going the way it is going, people out of work, or, like this kid, not even wanting to work, there is obviously going to be violence on the streets. We see the protestors and the mobs, and we hear the rumors of food riots on their way, and do you know any kind of personal self defense? Have you ever had a martial arts class, learned a karate kata, done a few taekwondo kicks?

Maybe it’s time to do something like that, you know? If the future is filled with what you just saw on that Chicago subway, maybe it’s time to learn how to take somebody out with a good swift kick, a poke to the eyes, some, old fashioned Kung fu self defense moves. Well, while you think about whether you are going to survive the coming years, I’m going to find a training hall where I can study Kung Fu.

It’s really to study Kung Fu. Head to Monster Martial Arts for the most efficient Kung Fu you have ever seen.
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Man Steals Own TV Set And Asks Why Didn’t He Learn Kung Fu!

Don’t Help Criminals! Learn Kung Fu!

This fellow had to be asking why didn’t he learn Kung Fu. He lived in Wilmington, Delaware, and he was sauntering down the sidewalk, approaching his own home. Seeing a fellow carrying a TV set, and seeing that the fellow was struggling, he quickly jumped in and offered to help.

You can imagine his surprise, maybe when he grabbed the falling remote, or maybe saw a glass stain on the top, or whatever, that he was holding his own TV set. He looked down the street and realized that his front door was open! That’s right, he was helping a thief steal his own TV set!

Now, what do you do in such a predicament? Do you let go of the TV set, breaking it, and throw a front kick? Do you ask the fellow to put it on the ground for a second, pretending you are tired or need to regrip it, and then scream bloody murder?

After all, the thief has broken into your house. He has gone through your stuff, selected what he thought he would like, and treated your home like a supermarket! Is there any reason to think he hasn’t been in prison, doesn’t know how to fight, isn’t willing to kill you over a TV set?

That’s the point at which you wished you had studied a good system of Kung Fu. A Martial Art like Wing Chun or Hsing i, or maybe even a bit of Tai Chi Chuan! After all, if you want to get in a war with a criminal, you need to be in tip top physical shape, and you need to know how to inflict a little damage while not getting a little damage.

Your best chance is just to scream for all you are worth. After all, criminals don’t want to meet the police, they want to get away! That’s why they call them criminals, right?

Your second best bet, in the event that he decides to take you out and continue with his shopping of your property, is to maintain distance and try a kick for the gonads. You should do this while screaming as loud as you can, of course. Kicks to the groin, taking out the knees, all while staying out of range of his criminal fists is a good idea.

Your last bet, and this is last chance, is to slug it out, grapple, do anything you can to take him out, all while screaming, all while trying to make sure he doesn’t get to you. You know, if you study something like Tai Chi Chuan, a Shaolin Kung fu, anything like that, you are going to have a tremendous advantage. A hardened criminal doesn’t have the strength of discipline to learn Kung Fu, so if you have learned, you will definitely have a better chance of surviving.

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