free kenpoKenpo Karate is the choice of millions for quick street self defense.


Hey Mate! What’s Yer Kenpo Karate Style? There is often confusion concerning the origins of Parker’s Chinese Kenpo Karate. This article cuts through the bushwah and gives you the straight goods.

The Terrible Truth About Ed Parker and Chinese Kenpo Karate A sordid tale of martial arts stolen, lies made, betrayals of friends. The question is…is it true?

Going From Ed Parker Chinese Kenpo Karate to Matrix Kenpo Karate! One of the most popular martial arts in the world is a mess! Here is what happened, and here is how you fix the mess.


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There is a faster way of learning Kenpo,

it is called Matrix Kung Fu!

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  1. what is maytricks cong foo?

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