Three Ways of Understanding How Matrix Martial Arts Works

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To understand how Matrixing works one must understand that Matrix Martial Arts is a science. It is logical applied to any martial discipine, including Karate, Kung Fu, or whatever. Fortunately, the effects of logic on the martial arts are beneficial.

Master Funakoshi

Master of Shotokan KarateGichin Funakoshi


The reason matrixing is important is because the oral tradition of learning the martial arts has resulted in thoroughly muddled disciplines. People memorize random strings of data, and this leaves vast areas of unexplored technique. The random strings of data thus become confused, hard to extract for use, and the intution takes decades to cultivate, if it ever is.

The first analogy of matrixing was mathematical in nature. Learning an art, be it karate or kung fu or whatever, was like trying to learn how to count when you had no 2, 3 was upside, 7 is put before 1, which is inverted, and there were no more numbers except…what is that shaved cat doing in there? Matrixing laid out the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9…and then anybody could find 10, and 11, and so on.

The second analogy of Matrixing has to do with a linguistic bent. Use the Matrix Technology and you could learn an art quickly and easily, and this because there was an alphabet, and even a set of phonics. The martial arts could then be constructed with techniques as words, forms as sentences, and whole systems as simple books.

The third analogy of Matrixing is a simple three dimensional model of all the arts. With Matrixing, you see, you can establish the geometry behind every martial art, and matrix that geometry for all potentials of motions, and, literally, define each art on separate sheets of paper. One then merely places the sheets of paper in a box.

Thus, the individual arts are defined by surface concepts, and a student can change arts simply by selecting the right sheet of paper with the right matrix on it. This puts all the martial arts in a specific and logical order. Depth of art then is not mysterious, but rather a straightforward process of descending through layers, through the correctly ordered geometries of the martial arts.

Several things happen when one breaks through to this level of matrixing. Intuition kicks in hard and fast. Students learn faster, absorbing entire chucks of information, for the mind will not reject simple concepts when they are presented in the right order.

Of course, students are different, and how much matrixing it is going to take is a variable. A high number of students make the breakthrough right away, most students need several of the courses, and there are going to be one or two students who are going to need all the courses…and a kick in the pants besides. However much matrixing it takes for the martial mind to kick in and take off, and for the student to enjoy all those fabulous, advanced abilities that students of the True Art enjoy, the journey is well worth it.
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