The Secret of Pa Kua Chang Is Really Weird

Secret Pa Kua Chang

Something really weird actually happens when you do Pa Kua Chang. Pa Kua Kung Fu, or Pa Qua Chang, as some people call it, is a martial art wherein you walk endless circles. Circles where you find circles within circles within circles.
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To explain this really weird thing that happens let me explain a couple of things first. Understand these things, and you will find that weird is normal in this universe, and normal is weird. Okey dokey?

The circle takes eight steps from beginning to end. This is about six feet in diameter, or one good leg sweep. And, of course, the end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end, and so on.

Classicists claim that as you walk the circle, and put the palms in various positions that the positions stand for various phenomena. Thunder palms, lightening palms, water palms, fire palms, and so on. In this analogy they have created an entire universe. This universe can occupy a student for a lifetime, but, really, won’t explain what is really happening.

To understand what is happening, when one creates this Pa Kua universe, you must understand that the body is a machine. Power goes up the legs and down the legs, like alternating current. One must remember, at this point, that power is energy, and energy is the capacity for work, and the capacity for work is how much you can lift–and you should probably get yourself a good dictionary and start separating these terms.

Energy of the body is credited with being created by the tan tien. The tan tien is a point a couple of inches below the navel. The tan tien sends the energy down and up and the legs and back into the tan tien.

What happens is that the body becomes a capacitor, a storage device, and the energy can be stored for later use. But also, and most interesting, is that after walking the circle sufficient with the idea I’ve detailed here, you will experience actual lightening going up and down your legs. You will also, as you explore the potential of the palms in conjunction with the storing of the energy, experience a barber pole type energy swirl up and down your arms.

The point here is that Pa Kua is not mystical, but it does take a calm mind and a dedicated practitioner to experience what I have explained here. One must walk the circle enough times, and tell the body enough times and with enough sincerity, for the body to start acting as a capacitor. It is possible, however, and easier as one comes to believe that this universe is not a trap, but a transit, but only if you know and do the secret of Pa Kua Chang.

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