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The Last Martial Arts Course You Will Ever Need!

Newsletter 1004
The Nine Square Diagram Course!

What better way to celebrate HanaKwanMass
than to announce a new course!

HanaKwanMass is
of course
Hanukkah, Kwanza and Christmas

And the new course is…

The Nine Square Diagram Boxing Course!

Now, it comes in two parts.
Part one is the hard style.
Part two is the soft style.

You can buy them separately,
or buy them together.

And, there are bonuses.

On the hard course,
I give the Nine Square Diagram Book.

No bonus on the soft style course

get both hard and soft courses,
and you get the Master Instructor Course.

That’s right,
a whole course,
and probably the best course I’ve got.
It straightens up ANY martial art.
Gets rid of the stuff that is confusing
and leaves you with hard core physics
as the real backbone of the martial arts.

Right now the course is all digital.
A week or two and I’ll get the physical disks up,

let me say it now,
this is the cumulation of everything
I have learned over 50 years.
It is complete,
includes virtually every other art,
and matrixes everything.
Hard to soft.
Concepts from any art.

I mean it when I say it is the last art
you will ever have to study.

it is pretty much the only art I do anymore.
All the classical arts I spent years figuring out,
they have been replaced.
All the techniques,
combined and condensed into true workability.

in the ring,
in the meditation chamber,
in the dojo,
in your backyard…
this really is the best art in the world.

check it out.
the website is new,
just bare bones,
but I have an order page up.


a word,
because it is brand new there may be bugs.
If you encounter one just let me know at
I stand behind everything I do,
and i will fix any bugs as quickly as I can.

have a great work out!