Single Finger Dim Mak Death Touch!

Martial Arts Writers!

 If you have an article, email it to me and I will check it and post it, or send it back with advices.




Your article should have the following:

A snappy title.

400-600 words of riveting article.

Resource box.

Images can be low res, jpeg preferred, and you must own them.

For videos give me the youtube address (URL) and I will check them out and imbed them.

Use a spell checker. Rejection is a bee-otch.

Following is a sample submission.

Hi Al, my name is Eric Von Scribbler and I would like to submit an article. Here is the title, article, and a resource box.

Seven Ways to Karate Kick a Kneecap

There are seven ways of crippling that dude who stole your lunch money. While many people would frown upon such violence, if you let them get away with your lunch money, there is not telling what they will take…(400 to 600 words)

About the Author: Eric Von Scribbler is a 4th Black in Taekickdo, and a doctor of Punchology. Check out his website at Http://Ericskickbuttsite.com.

I have included the URL for my youtube video. It is…http://www.youtube.com/abunchoflettersandnumbers.

I have also included a jpeg of myself.

End of submission.

And that’s all there is to it.

As time goes on I will be adding features. I may even change this to a full featured article directory.

All mistakes are mine, and I apologize in advance.

You can email me any articles, or any questions, at aganzul@gmail.com.


 Links not working?

Paypal not working?

Anything at all?

Contact aganzul@gmail.com

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  1. Would appreciate a link to THE JET – http://www.bennythejetbook.com I also have many articles I have penned for various MA magazines if you’d be interested in posting some of them. You have my email and website on your records. Thanks

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