You Think You Know Crazy Martial Arts!

Crazy Martial Arts are the Way to Go!

There are three specific definitions for the word crazy. One definition is mentally unbalanced. If I knew anybody that was mentally balanced I would have them explain this to me.

Another definition is…immoderately fond of something. I have been immoderately fond of karate since Noah went skinny dipping. (Don’t tell anybody, but I actually went to karate class on my wedding night!)

Crazy Kung Fu

You Think You Know Crazy?

And the third definition…extremely impractical. Try telling that one to the guy who signs my paychecks! Or, to get a little tragic, just look at our government.

So what the heck is crazy? Obviously, we could have a crazy discussion concerning this. So let me give you a few examples and hone in on what, beyond the fancy words, it really is.

Crazy is sitting around talking about dismembering the human body. What normal, well balanced person would ever do that? Why, nobody, especially a guy in a karate class, would..uh, never mind.

Crazy is the outlaw biker who studied the martial arts who told me the purpose of a single finger strike to the eye is not merely to deflate the eyeball but, by angling the finger correctly, to insert the finger and pop out the eyeball. He said one is then supposed to chase the rolling eyeball and step on it in full view of the victim. I didn’t ask him how a person missing an eyeball could be considered to have a full view of things.

Crazy are the movies where the hero decides to kill himself and delivers a karate strike to his own body and expires. I mean, I understand committing seppuku (stomach cutting), as done by a failed samurai, but hitting yourself? This guy has added a new dimension to getting up on the wrong side of the bed.

But my favorite example of crazy is the fellow who came in to watch one of my classes. Afterwards he came up to me and complimented me, but said he knew something that was a little better than what I taught. I asked him what, expecting him to pull out a toy pistol…this was a while ago, now they pull out real pistols!

The fellow dropped to his hands and knees and started barking like a dog. Getting to his feet and brushing off his pants the fellow told me that when he did that people thought he was crazy and left him alone. You know, now that I think about it, that’s about the sanest thing I ever heard!

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This has been a  page about Crazy Martial Arts.

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