Horse Stance Meditation Points Directly to The True Art!

Horse Stance Meditation Cuts through the Bushwah!

Horse Stance Meditation is pretty powerful stuff. Before you do it, however, you should Matrix your Art, make it logical, and your meditations will work better. Here’s the article.

To do Horse Meditation, in a the way that brings enlightenment, one must be willing to undergo the pain of transition. We all know that pain is a warning system for the body, it tells a person he is in danger, get out of there before you get hurt. But pain, and I am not simply selling masochism here, can push one through to enlightenment.

horse stance meditation

Be a man! Do it for an hour! Grrr!


Spread the legs and squat until your thighs are almost parallel with the ground. Do a high block with one arm, and extend the other arm to the side with the hand in a backwards whip, or chicken beak to the rear. Turn your head and look at the chicken beak, breath deeply and regularly, and concentrate your gaze on the fingertips.

Within a minute your legs will be trembling, and you will be sure that you are going to die. The pain in your legs will become excruciating, and you will know, sure as OJ wear gloves, that permanent damage is being inflicted upon your body. Finally, you creak out of the stance, whine, and look at the clock…90 seconds.

Your mistake was in listening to the pain. Pain is a warning device, yes, but it can be overridden, ignored, and put on the back burner. If you can ignore the pain in your legs you will find The True Art.

Ask yourself the question, do you really think that pain in your legs is going to kill you? The answer is a big negative. Thus, you must overcome the warning pain and actually prove that it is you in charge of your body, and not the body in charge of you.

So take that horse meditation stance, and when the pain builds, simply say no. It really is that easy, you just change your mind and stay there, and within five minutes you will find that the pain suddenly disappears. That’s when you’re going to find The True Martial Art…and I tell you, it is not what is taught in today’s entertainment, celluloid based, fantasy inducing training halls, it is something that you never dreamt of and which will change you for all of your days.

This has been an article on how Horse Stance Meditation, make sure you matrix your art before you try it.

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