Be a Kung Fu Master, Learn the Secret of Light Kung Fu!

Walk on Water with Light Kung Fu!

One of the neatest things in all TV land was when David Carradine in the old Kung Fu TV series walked on the rice paper. Rice paper is extremely thin, and the moisture on the sole of the foot, along with the weight of the body, was enough to tear the stuff. The legend, of course, was there is this thing called Light Kung Fu, where one could actually make the body lighter, maybe even levitate it.

light chi power

The Chi Power of a Kung Fu Master!


My friends and I would watch David Carradine, Kwai Chang Caine, and wish we had a kung fu master to teach us how to walk on rice paper. Why, we could do all sorts of things if we could only know Light Kung Fu! Bad guys would be nothing if we had that awesome power!

So, a little thought about the problem, a little western ingenuity, and we came up with a clever way of doing this trick. Take a roll of toilet paper and unroll it on a linoleum floor. Now, very carefully, put a small drop of water on each square. Now, walk.

Rice paper is about as substantial as wet toilet paper, you see. So we walked, and…the thin stuff was ripped apart. Hmmm.

Try it again, placing the foot and not turning it at all. Squoosh, squoosh! Darn stuff just tore all to pieces.

So we put a long row of chairs next to the strip of tissue paper, and tried supporting ourselves as we walked the walk. Rip, squish, darn! This was going to be tougher than we thought.

Now, to be truthful, we never did manage to walk the walk, and not tear the filmy stuff into bits and pieces. And, to be truthful, I don’t think it is possible, toilet paper is designed to dissolve in water, and rice paper is not. But something really neat did occur because of this intense interest in being able to do what the old masters did, even if they were only actors on TV.

We worked out long hours. In between trying out our light kung fu, we practicing kicking and punching, we did our forms and kung fu techniques again and again. In essence, though we never walked the light kung fu walk, we each strived to become a kung master through another route, through dedication and long hard work and by pursuing dreams!

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This has been an article on light Kung Fu.

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