Unlocking the Delicate Mysteries of the Tai Chi Sword

The Tai Chi Sword – A Knitting Needle on Steroids!

As far as swords go, the tai chi sword doesn’t look like a winner. It is skinny and thin, not able to take the bashing of force like a sabre. It only has curve at the tip, not able to slice through armor like a samurai sword.

snake and crane

Delicate winding energy for the Ultimate Martial Art!

Yet, in the skinny is the strength. And in the lack of curve is the true art. Indeed, the tai chi sword may be the ultimate weapon.

Skinny, it is light and quick, more like a knitting needle than a  Chinese sword. Yet a knitting needle carves the most beautiful garments. And to watch knitting needles in the hands of a practiced granny is to see the twinkling of art come alive.

Down the length of steel the tip curves, a mere inch of cutting surface. Yet, who among us has not experienced the scratch of needle tip. Indeed, a mere scratch can leave jagged wound that is unwilling to quickly heal.

The real point here is that such a delicate instrument is not meant for bashing or massive slicing any more than a doctors scalpel is. It is meant for reaching in and tipping. It is meant for the delicate move which slides in under, over and past the basher and the cutter.

A delicate insertion, a quick flick of the wrist, and art is attained. This art is an appreciation of the space around the practitioner. This appreciation of space is at the heart of the true art.

Cutters and bashers are fence painters, splashing indiscriminately, and ruling by force. The wielder of the tai chi sword, however, is a an artist, a sculptor, a doctor. He rules by intelligence.

For he who holds this weapon must gain victory by exercising the intelligence to perceive, and thus undo, the force of the basher and the ruthlessness of the cutter. He must undercut brute force with intelligence to prove himself. Within the Tai Chi Sword is the striving, the accomplishment, and the art, for the true artist to behold. 


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