Discovering the Three Depths to a Real Martial Arts Strike!

Martial Arts Strikes to Knock the Bad Guy Out!

Old guy hits young guy, knocks him cold! Good for a headline, eh? So what did the old guy know that would enable him to take out a young guy?

hardest punch

Hit Hard, Hit First!

The old fighter, having been around a while, knew how to put a bit of intention into his strike. And, if you knew what he knew…then you would have that same power. The secret to what the old guy knew is in this article, so read it carefully.

There are three depths to martial arts strikes. If you know what these depths are, then you will know how to penetrate your opponents body with a real punch. And, if you dont, then your opponent is going to chuckle when you hit him.

The first depth is skin deep. This is when you strike somebody only hard enough to hit his shirt. This is the way children are taught to hit each other in the karate school so that little Johnnys mama doesn’t get all bothered and upset when little Johnny comes home with a teensie weensie bruise!

The second depth is muscle depth. This is when you strike somebody hard enough to leave a bruise. This is the way most hard core martial artists punch, and then they can be proud of their bruises, and not really be in danger. Most people, you see, dont want to hit to the third depth, they dont really want to hurt somebody.

The third depth is bone depth. This is when you strike somebody hard enough to break one of their bones. Hit somebody, hard, with the knuckles, on the bone of the shoulder, and see what happens.

Now, can you hit somebody anywhere in the body and cause that kind of reaction? Can you make them go into revulsion just because you are penetrating with an actual desire to break something? Can you get over the game of bruises and hit like you mean it?

This is the punch behind the one shot one kill philosophy of classic martial arts like shotokan or uechi ryu. This is the secret of internal power behind shaolin kung fu like Hung Gar or Choy Lee Fut, or Wudan style arts like Tai Chi Chuan or Pa Kua Chang or Hsing i. This is the martial arts strike that moves a person up from the game of boxing, as in the MMA or UFC events, and makes a real person out of the artist.

the hardest punch

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