How to Put Out a Candle with Chi Power

How to Use Chi Power for Real

One of the less spectacular feats in the martial arts, and yet one of the most important, is putting out a candle. Interestingly, it is simple, almost anyone can put out a candle with just a little bit of practice. Also interesting is the fact that as that is where most people stop, with the simple accomplishment being able to do it once, that is where they should begin their study, for doors are about to be opened.

The basic principle of putting out a candle is to stop your fist an inch from the candle and let the woosh of air drain oxygen from the candle, and thus extinguish it. This is a very low level of ability, however, though, if pursued it can lead to higher ability. It is possible to put out a candle from across the room.

When you stop the fist you are learning to focus your muscles, and thus it is on a physical level. To pursue the technique to a higher level you must not concentrate stopping the muscles, but on letting the mind go. By letting the mind go you unloose your intention, and that is the key to real higher ability.

Stop your fist two inches from the candle and practice. Now your fist is too far away for the air to be effected. Now you must rely on intention to make the candle flicker and go out.

Actually, it is better to start this second stage of training at about a foot, although you may have to experiment, even up to a dozen feet or more, to find the distance that is best for developing your intention. When you flick the fist you must watch the candle. Do not watch it hard, but rather increase your relaxation. Relaxation is the key to making this trick work.

Your real body is not the flesh envelope you are wearing, your real body is the bubble of world that you perceive. Thus, you must break free of the desire to improve the flesh, and concentrate on the desire to alter the things that you perceive outside your body. And perceptions, at least the kind necessary to put out a candle across a room, work best through space.

chi energy

Extend your chi outside the fleshy envelope!

Through space, a vacuum, nothingness, emptiness. Not air, or even brick or wood, or other things which, though they appear real, are merely ideas held in place to support the idea of your real body.

What I have said here is alien concept to most people, and it even frightens some, for it strikes to the heart of the matter of our existence in the cosmos. The heart of the matter of our existence in the cosmos aside, space, that nothingness in which we place the universe, is the most important thing…behind the structure of the universe. So place the candle across the room, still the mind until it is as peaceful as a coal mine at midnight, and practice launching your relaxed and certain intention, and a few dozen hours practice will enable you to see what I am talking about.

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