Martial Arts Timing and Stopping the World

Martial Arts Timing is the Key to Stopping the World

Martial Arts Timing (The First Time)

The first time I ever experienced true Martial Arts timing I was woken from my sleep by an uproar of yells and fighting. I looked out from my second story window and saw a couple of fellows beating my dog. I yelled at them, told them to leave my dog alone, and they yelled at me, and the next thing you know I was pulling on my jeans and running down the stairs.

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I came out of my yard and took in the scene. Two guys trying to kick my mutt, and a frightened, little girl holding a small dog, and I knew what had happened. My hound had seen the little girls dog and gone over the fence, and she had picked it up, and my dog had barked at her, and the two guys were really just coming to the rescue of the little girl.

This was a weird problem. The guys weren’t doing a bad thing. How could I salvage this mess without getting in a fight?

I began walking slow, real slow, taking my time to think it through, and the fellows suddenly started to worry. They were larger than me, but my eyes were focused on them, and confident, and they suddenly had time to worry about what was going to happen. They began to sweat and shake.

I walked ever slower, and my dog stopped acting the fool and turned to look at me, the whole darned world started to go into some surrealistic slow motion. The little girl stepped back, dog in arms, and stared up at me. “So what’s happening?” I asked calmly.

Oh, it was beautiful. The two fellows started babbling, each trying to talk, and you could see the relief in their eyes that things hadn’t gone to real fighting. They stumbled over each other trying to explain the situation.

I finally held up a hand to stop their babbling and glared down at my mutt, who was looking at the ground with a guilty expression. So it was your fault, eh? He laid on his belly and flopped his tail on the ground.

I told the dog, who was quite famous for ignoring me, to get into the yard, and, son of a gun, he actually slunk on down the sidewalk and back into my yard. I asked if anybody was hurt, I smiled at the two guys and the little girl, and petted her dog, and left, and that was the first time I ever slow walked.

Martial Arts Timing (The Second Time)

The second time I slow walked I was putting on a karate demo for a couple of hundred kids in a small town in Northern California. At the end of the seminar I noticed a guy standing alone at the far end of the gym. He was big and rather ominous.

He didn’t have a kid, so what was he doing at the demonstration? I began walking slowly in his direction. I walked slower and slower, and time began to stretch out and become important. It seemed to take forever for me to walk the twenty yards to him.

By the time I reached him he was perspiring and shaking. I handed out a big grin and offered my hand and introduced myself. He almost fell over with relief.

The fellow turned out to be a tree faller, and one of the nicest fellows I have ever met. The reason he was at the demo was because, living out in the woods he had never seen karate, and he just wanted to see what the stuff looked like.

The thing that most interested him, however, was my slow walking. He later told me that it seemed like the world was about to end. He admitted that he had almost ‘sprung a leak.’

Slow walking is easy to do if you practice a classical karate, or other martial art, that has been made into a science. This means you must align your timing through the constant repetition of your form, and make sure you know what the moves mean when you actually use them. If you learn how to do this then you can control your body, and you can even get outside the flesh of your body and experience your true body, which is true bubble of your awareness.


Time is nothing more than how we measure the universe. Time is an awareness. To the degree that you can control time, and your perception of time, to that degree you can control the universe.

Of course the trick is to make your martial art true and perfect, and then to increase your spiritual magnitude. If you can control somebody’s body, then you can control his awareness of time. A simple trick, but it require immense dedication to form and detail, and that is the secret to Martial Arts Timing and Stopping the World.

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