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Is everything really free here?

Over a hundred articles and growing. Quick lessons on the basics. Sure, there are courses to buy, and I recommend Monster Martial Arts if you want to accelerate your training. But there is a TON of stuff to get you started, and the articles cover a broad range of subjects, and often in depth.

Who are you?

I began martial arts in 1967. I studied several stylesof Kenpo, several systems of Karate, schools of Shaolin and Pa Kua and Tai Chi. Weapons, and a lot more. I began writing for the martial arts magazines in 1981, and eventually had my own column (Case Histories) in Inside Karate. I’ve been published in Inside Karate, Masters & Styles, Inside Kung Fu, Black Belt, and a lot more. I was featured in one of the last issues of Inside Kung Fu. To data I have written around 2,000,000 (two million) words on the martial arts. This is training manuals, scripts for videos, martial arts novels (AlCaseBooks.com), even poetry (here’s a sample). I am probably the most prolific martial arts writer in history, invented different and very unique methods for teaching martial arts, and that’s who I am…and this site showcases some of my work. Didn’t mean to get long winded, but there it is.

Frequently asked questions

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