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Free Bruce Lee Book ~ Bruce Lee in a way that you have never seen him! 

Free Matrixing Book ~ What Matrixing is and how it works. These are original articles describing how this incredible science works with various arts, how it effects the mind, and so on.

Super Karate Made Easy ~ The original smash from the sixties. One of the first martial arts books to hit America, it sold millions. Take a look, see if the techniques were any good, then remember that when you’re starting form nothing, anything is good!

Kill or Be Killed ~ The original military manual on hand to hand fighting. It may be a bit dated, but it is a fascinating look at how the military was training in the martial arts.

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Surviving the Mobs ~ I just added an 80 page book on prepping. Martial Arts and prepping go hand in hand. Plus, if this society does get crazy (crazier), then I want martial artists rising up and helping with the problem, and helping with any rebuild. I really think martial artists are one of the most stable, front line defenses we have against a crazy civilization!


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  6. i love martial arts
    because of the serious self Defence
    but school around me,but still the spirit is not down i think books will help me
    my one day profession is MARTIAL ARTS
    so please help me with books

  7. Gwamaka William Burton

    i’m so interesting with martial art, i like it.

  8. Gwamaka William Burton

    please help me the books, even the dvd if possible for teaching my self and to be competent.

  9. I’m deeply in luv with martial art it true salvation. Ma greetings to this web owner, nd masters such as KI CHUNGI, LO LEIH, BRUCE LEE, DORIS YUEN, MAO YING, SAMO HUNG, FENG KO AN, etc.

  10. good and encouraging

  11. Dear Martial Arts Masters,
    Hi my name is valerie and i am 18 years old and am interested in learning any kind of martial arts by books or physical teaching, but have no way to go to class, or pay for it so I was wondering if there are any sites that give out kits and free trials or some thing that I can get my hand on~?

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