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Shaolin Kung Fu Able to be Learned Within Months!


I wrote this article on Shaolin Kung Fu online, and in a matter of months, a while back. It made so much sense that I am repeating it here, along with an expansion so you can see where and how this martial art goes, and why it is so easy to learn, and how it can change you into a more powerful person, both mentally and physically!

Shaolin Kung Fu, the popular myth states, takes lifetimes to learn. You have to go spend three days sitting in front of the temple to be accepted for teaching. You have to undergo bizarre training rituals that will enable you to do handstands on one finger, rip the bark off of trees, break tons of concrete with your head, and…and that’s not the truth.

shaoiln kung fu

Those are myths spread by people who want to impress people; by TV programming like the Kung Fu series starring David Carradine.

The truth is actually quite a bit more simple, yet even more powerful.

The first Shaolin Kung Fu book to hit the shores was ‘Secrets of Shaolin Temple Boxing’ by Robert W. Smith.

In that book Mr. Smith stated that Bodhidharma brought Kung Fu to the Shaolin Temple.

Actually, Bodhidharma brought a system of calisthenics to help the dilapidated monks get strong enough to listen to his lectures without falling asleep.

The monks used this method to get stronger, and ended up defending themselves against bandits, and changed the simple calisthenics into a self defense system.

The monks realized five principles of combat (animal fighting modes), eventually expanding the five principles into 72 techniques.

Thus, in spite of greedy teachers who want you to pay dues for years, Shaolin Kung Fu shouldn’t take a lifetime to learn. It should be able to be learned within a few months.

The original Shaolin monks learned it within months; why can’t you?

The reason is that for over 2,000 years well meaning people have been adding things to the once simple system. These things have confused Shaolin Kung Fu, mushed concepts all together, put techniques out of order, and even slanted it for tournaments or other personal interest.

In Shaolin Kung Fu the five animal fighting modes have been redefined. The original five animals were the tiger, snake, crane, leopard, and dragon.

But the tiger and the leopard are similar; why should you learn two animals that are pretty much the same?

In the system called the Shaolin Butterfly the five animals are the tiger, snake, crane, dragon, and monkey.

Actually, the monkey has been held to be one of the original five animals by many schools of thought.

So, we have a revised and better definition of the five animal fighting modes.

Now, each of the five animals has a specific attribute; one gives strength, one gives balance, and so on.

The problem is that these attributes are mere descriptions, tactics, at best, and not real martial arts techniques.

However, if you assign a stance to each animal, you suddenly come up with the five original concepts of the Shaolin Kung Fu monks.

The tiger is aggressive, and he uses the front stance for charging.

The crane is delicate and balanced, and he uses the one legged, crane stance to achieve this.

The Dragon twines and writhes, and he uses a cross kneeling type of stance.

The snake is flexible clinging, and he uses such stances as the one legged squatting stance.

The monkey is agile, and he uses the back stance to build this agility.

Now, these are still mere approximations of techniques. But one can see how the five stances could be used to begin the animal emulation process. But, how does one expand upon these stances/characteristics into a simple list of techniques?

The expansion of these five stances actually turned out to be one of the more simple things I have ever done. What made it more impressive is that the confusing, bewildering data of Shaolin Kung Fu suddenly resolved into a system that could be learned by anyone.

One could learn it in months, they could learn it online, and they could learn it in their own home.

If you have even a little martial arts experience, you are going to realize pretty darned quick that this shaolin kung fu system is one of the fastest, most efficient martial arts courses in the world!

And if you have no experience, then what better way to learn this martial art than online and in home?

One of the things I did was apply matrixing graphs to the fighting discipline. You can learn about matrixing graphs on other of my courses, especially Matrix Karate.

What this did was isolate the exact drills and exercises and concepts necessary to the real Shaolin kung Fu.

Or, to describe it another way, it presented the exact data, which could then be arranged in simple form, and not the labyrinthian shish ka bob that most Shaolin Kung Fu is.

Remember, as great as this incredible system is, it has been weighted down by generations of teachers, all adding their special form, their unique twist, their favorite techniques. What the Shaolin butterfly does is get rid of all that ‘interpretation’ and present you with the exact data that IS the real Kung Fu of Shaolin.

In short, traditional Shaolin Kung Fu has become fat, and I have just made it lean and mean, the way it was when the monks studied it back at the original Shaolin Temple thousands of years ago.

I have duplicated their method of discovery, so you get the actual and real stuff, not the big, old overweight thing it has become.

Now, let me ask you a few simple questions…

Do you want some self defense that is fun? That will put you in the best shape of your lives?

Do you want to lose chub, get back to that lean and mean shape you had when you were young?

Do you want to do this in a couple of months?

Look, you can learn to play the piano online…people do these infomercial programs and change their bodies into sleek, powerful machines within months, the army can take a Joe Blow and make him into a high tech killer within a few months, so why not do that with Shaolin Kung Fu?

Don’t just exercise, get some real knowledge!

Knowledge like how to defend yourself!

Knowledge that keeps you cool and powerful no matter who tries to stick his finger in your chest.

Knowledge to take down the meanest, baddest, biggest, tattooed, drug taking biker maniac instantly and quickly!

Heck, Shaolin Kung Fu IS self defense. It is the original self defense.

So why not learn it, become a different you, and really put your life in high gear?

I mean, why not?

There really is no reason, is there? Especially at the price I am offering this course at.

Think about it.

Top physical condition. A fantastic knowledge of self defense. All in an hour or two a night in the privacy of your own home. An hour or two that is actually fun and enlightening!

You can watch the videos online, or by instant download. You can see the exact drills and exercises. You can do what those monks were doing thousands of years ago.

You don’t have to put up with idiots in class losing control or holding you back with silly questions, you don’t have to figure out what the teacher means because everything is right there, black and white and on video.

Confused? Just rerun the vid, flip to the page, the EXACT data is right there! You have the exact instruction, no confusion, no trying to remember what the teacher said, right in front of you.

And, BONUS, anything that does confuse and that you can’t figure out, you just shoot me an email. Any time of the night or day. I’ll get back to you as soon as I read it.

Your own Shaolin Kung Instructor, over 45 years experience, at your beck and call. No charge.

Do you understand why online instruction like this is actually better than endless private classes that cost an arm and a leg?

So, I repeat…why not?

There is no why not.

You need this information, and you need a tight body and a clean mind, so simply click on the paypal button and start the real adventure of Shaolin Kung Fu right now…




This course is instant download.

You get a book on PDF.

Two hours of instruction that detail the exact system.

An entire Shaolin Art for only thirty bucks!

While all materials are copyrighted, you have permission to download a copy and place on disk for your own personal use.

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Look, I’ve got over 45 years experience. I used to write for the magazines, even had my own column in Inside Karate. I am here to help you learn Martial Arts, so anything i can do for you I will.

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