Martial Arts Chi

Martial Arts Chi

martial arts chiHow to Build Martial Arts Chi Power!

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How to Put Out a Candle with Chi PowerHow to Use Chi Power for Real

Martial Arts Strength: The Truth and Nothing But the Truth! ~ What is real physical strength, and the path i went through to discover it.

Mushin No Shin: Mind of No Mind ~ The truth about this mystical state of mind. There is a scientific way to enlightenment!

Learn Karate Now! ~ A quick breakdown of why Karate takes so long to learn, and how you can learn it ten times faster! This is a Matrixing course.

Martial Arts Timing and Stopping the World ~ There are many strange abilities arising from the control of Chi. Here’s the first time (and second) time I ever stopped the world using chi power.

The Secret of Martial Arts Power! ~ Power isn’t what you think it is. For the real truth about power this is the article to read.

The Truth About Chi Energy and Our True Body ~ That flesh and bone thing isn’t your real body. Here’s the straight goods on what your body really is.

Chi Power-The Riddle Solved! ~ A couple of different types of chi and how to grow the kind you want.

Tractor Beams in the Martial Arts ~ Using the body to generate beams of energy. Pretty high level stuff.

 Internal Power in the Martial Arts through Six Simple Steps! ~ Six easy steps you can use in your art to make real Chi.

Martial Arts Strength…How Much Do You Need? ~ People have the wrong idea of what real strength really is. Here’s the right idea.

The Key to Understanding Martial Arts Chi Theory ~ Chi Power, what it is, how to build it. These are the things the masters know, but can’t explain. Using Matrixing, the explanation come in plain, old, easy to understand English.

The True Secret Chi Power in the Martial Arts! ~ Time and hard work create a transformation beyond the understanding of mere mortals.

The Secret of How to Glow with the Martial Arts ~ Glowing? What’s that? What’s this article doing here? People can’t glow!


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  1. I thought chi is for anime only, and I thought it is not real but I was wrong.

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