Martial Arts Instructor Course


At Monster Martial Arts we have isolated the exact data necessary to become a Master Instructor.

  •     No, not ‘boot camp’conditioning.
  •     No, not ‘secret techniques.’
  •     Just.. the underlying principles of all arts!

Read that again,

…the underlying principles of all arts! 

The extra good news is that we have put this data into one simple course. And here is the killer…not only is the course inexpensive, but it is quick! You can become a certified Master Instructor in an incredibly short time. How short? That’s up to you. You are already trained as a martial artist,  now you just need the exact information on how to teach.

No long drills, no long courses to drown you in blah, blah, blah,  just the straight goods on how to get what you know into the head of your student. Man, what could be sweeter?

In fact, we have had martial artists finish this course in just days! And they knew more… MUCH MORE… than the fellow down the street.

The reason is that this course deals in knowledge, in information,  in understanding the exact reasons behind anything you might do in the martial arts.

As simple as the information in this course is it has never been put down. in any text or course, in the history of this planet.

To introduce you to this course, let me ask you three questions.

master sensei




In the 1960s people would get off the plane as Black Belts.  What is interesting is that they got on the plane as Green Belts. If that. And we are paying the price for this glut of airplane black belts.

To be honest, even if these people had taken any kind of Instructor’s Course,  (let alone a Master Instructor’s course)  the chances are that it was just a ‘toughening up’ kind of boot camp,  and they didn’t really learn anything about the fact of how to teach.

School teachers, after all, go through years of college to become teachers.  Did your instructor? Does he know the precise technology of teaching?  Did he actually take the time to tell you why you do what you do when you teach?

So ask yourself the question… have you ever studied the exact technology of teaching? Well, no one else has, either. But this course remedies that.  When you are done with this course you will know more than any instructor anywhere!

Quite a claim, eh? But we are safe in making it because instructor courses,  when they do exist at all,  do not teach how to teach! So, do you want to learn how to teach? If you do, this course is the only course in the world that will teach you how.

master sensei



How many times have you heard someone say that there art is best? The truth of the matter is that people invest time and money, and so they must believe their art is best.

That is just the nature of the human beast. Well, did you expect somebody to study their hearts out and then say,  ‘Oh, no, my art is just second rate.’ This inbred ability to hold what they are doing up as the best blinds people.  It makes them accept inferior goods as superior. But here are some sad facts resulting from this frame of blind.

  1. Inability to recognize superior technique.
  2. Holding to ‘mysticism’ to explain why they can’t do things.
  3. Invalidating others martial arts as a matter of course.
  4. Being stuck in a ‘non-learning’ frame of mind.
  5. And so on.

The fact is that until a person gets over his blindness,  he will merely contribute to the silliness,  and slow the spread of the True Art upon this planet.

Well, not to worry, where there is a problem, there is a solution. In the Master Instructor Course you get the exact information on how to have perfect form.  And you get it in such a way that you will automatically correct your form to the true.  Simply, if you have the correct data you will automatically correct your form.  Not hard at all.

master sensei




 You’ve heard the stories, the Master teaches a student for years, but always holds something back.  He just want to make sure his students are moral and righteous, and so on. Well, the truth of the matter is that studying the art makes people moral and righteous,  and a ‘Master’ whose art doesn’t do this hasn’t mastered a real art. Read that one again, it’s the truth. But the problem is deeper than some silly ‘Master’ who holds out on his students.  The truth is that the Martial Arts have been watered down,  diluted, and degraded, for far simpler reasons.  The truth is that the art you are studying had to go through cultural transitions,  linguistic difficulties, and so on.  You can ascertain the truth of this for yourself  by reading a couple of the articles in the articles section.  But instead of sending you off to read articles,  let me give you an example.  And this example is one heck of a doozy!


Gichin Funakoshi taught Karate  to masses of school children.  Thus, he watered down the concepts for simple minds,  and, truth, he was probably pretty interested in controlling those children so they wouldn’t run around and cause trouble.

Then, Mr. Funakoshi taught Japanese nobility.  In this, he watered down the techniques so that there would be no cultural misunderstandings, and you can bet he was polite and didn’t risk hurting anybody.

Then, Mr. Funakoshi taught American servicemen.  You got it, large masses of foreigners who didn’t speak the language.

So, you think I am being disrespectful of Mr. Funakoshi.  Well, get ready. The truth of the matter is that Mr. Funakoshi did not invent Karate.  He was passing down what was taught to him. And here is where the real story starts.



Sokon Matsumura

Karate was probably invented (the pieces gathered together out of various arts and experiences) by Sokon Matsumura. Matsumura was in charge of the Imperial Bodyguards on Okinawa, and was trained extensively, throughout his whole life, in the martial arts. 

In a country where weapons weren’t allowed,  charged with protecting the King,  Matsumura was unbounded in his seeking of martial knowledge. Eventually, the teachings were passed down to Gichin Funakoshi,  but it is doubtful whether Funakoshi received the True Art,  or, if he did, did pass it on.

Consider, when Funakoshi was learning the martial arts  the Emperor of Okinawa was being held prisoner in Japan.  There was no more need for bodyguards,  and there was no more need  for the secret techniques  that would enable the unarmed islanders  to protect their King.  Thus, somewhere in the generations immediately following Matsumura  the art was degraded and made palatable for little Johnny,  and if he breaks somebody’s leg for trying to steal his lunch money  the whole martial arts program would be in jeopardy. And, when Funakoshi did teach people other than Okinawans,  he most likely held data back because,  dogonnit,  the King might be released someday,  and then they might need those secret techniques!

No. I don’t think Funakoshi was a racist,  quite the opposite.  But I do think that he might have been serious  as a potential bodyguard for the King of his beloved Okinawa. Okay, I am almost done,  but to cement the deal  I want you to look at the following technique.  It is from Pinan Five,  which is classical Okinawan Karate as taught by Funakoshi.

Okay, you’ve seen this karate technique.  This is the one I was taught,  and I have seen it in virtually every version of Karate.  However, as good as this technique is,  it is NOT THE REAL TECHNIQUE. Ask yourself this question,  why would an Imperial bodyguard,  in a room full of armed Samurai,  expect a Samurai to punch him?  Samurais had swords, darn it!  They didn’t punch people,  they drew their swords and cut their enemies down!


The real technique,  as developed by a fellow who had no weapons,  but was standing in a room full of Samurai  and charged with protecting his King,  which fellow had no doubt studied dis-arming techniques, and probably in conjunction with Samurai,  was to push on the arm drawing the sword,  crushing it against the body and unbalancing the warrior,  and then drawing the sword himself!

Go ahead,  take a look at that technique again, examine it, think about what I just said!

Okay, I have made my case.  You are the victim of not only ‘Airplane Black Belts,’  but of bad linguistics, cultural misunderstandings,  and overprotective Imperial Bodyguards. None of which has been done to you on purpose. But it has been done to you, nevertheless,  and the real question is… what are you going to do about it?


When I found myself in the position that you are finding yourself in right now,  I decided to do something about it.  I decided to learn the truth of the Martial Arts.  I decided that there would be no secrets held from me,  either intentionally, or unintentionally, and I am offering you  the same chance to overcome the ‘secrets,’  to rise above the petty and inadequate (no matter how well intentioned) instruction.

I am offering the actual truths of the martial arts– not Monkey see-Monkey do, same old, same old instruction–but the underlying principles of all the Martial Arts!

Here is a list of just some of the things you will be getting  when you do the Master Instructor’s Course:


THE DEFINITIVE DATA ON WHY A STUDENT DROPS OUT!–Nobody is going to drop out of your classes once you know this information!

THE THREE SIMPLE BUT ESSENTIAL RULES  THAT AN INSTRUCTOR HAS TO KNOW–Easy rules. Logical rules. But if you break them, you aren’t an Instructor.

THE ULTIMATE STRATEGY THAT WILL ENABLE YOU TO SURVIVE ANY ENCOUNTER!–One simple strategy, so simple, yet it is almost never associated with the martial arts.

THE FOUR ESSENTIAL BUILDING BLOCKS OF THE TRUE ART–You should have learned this in your first lesson, unless your instructor just got off the plane.

THE ONE EXERCISE THAT WILL ENSURE THAT YOUR ART IS TRUE.–You see people doing this one every once in a while, but they don’t really understand what it really does.

THE EXACT WAY TO TEACH SO THAT THE STUDENT GETS IT!–If you don’t do these three steps your teaching will not work!

INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO LEARN THE ULTIMATE STRATEGY SO THAT YOU NVER FORGET IT!–Learning in this manner will ensure that you never forget, and, therefore, your students won’t, either.


THE SECRET DATUM THAT WILL CHANGE HOW YOU TREAT PEOPLE.–You will really wonder why people haven’t figured this one out. It’s downright intuitive!

THE SCIENCE OF HOW TO TEACH WITH NO GOOFS!–Goof free instruction. How valuable is that?

THE TRUTH OF THE YIN YANG SYMBOL –It’s not mystical, it’s scientific and specific to the martial arts.

THE ULTIMATE MARTIAL STRATEGY –How can you hope to fight if you don’t know this strategy?

A COMPLETE AND THOROUGH KNOWLEDGE OF HOW THE BODY WORKS IN THE MARTIAL ARTS–How can you hope to learn the martial arts if you don’t know how the body really works?

KNOWLEDGE OF THE TWO PURPOSES OF THE LEGS–As simple as this one is, I have never met any person who knew it.

A WORKING KNOWLEDGE OF THE ONE PRACTICE THAT MAKES AN ART TRUE–The one simple drill that makes the art, any art, true.

WHAT STANCES ARE FOR AND HOW TO MAKE THEM WORK–They don’t just make your legs strong, they do something else entirely!

THE ONE FORMULA THAT MAKES STANCES WORK!–You will feel sorry for any art that doesn’t have stances once you learn this formula.

THE SEVEN ITEMS WHICH FIX, TOTALLY AND EXACTLY, ANY MARTIAL ARTS POSTURE–This is perfection of art and how to achieve it.

CHAPTER AFTER CHAPTER DETAILING HOW TO MAKE THE SEVEN ITEMS WORK!–This incredible information makes sure you achieve perfection of art.

A THOROUGH UNDERSTANDING OF THE THREE PHYSICAL POWERS–An exact analysis of what power actually is and how it works.

HOW THE THREE POWERS COMBINE TO MAKE THE ABSOLUTELY UNBEATABLE FOURTH POWER IN THE MARTIAL ARTS–The exact method by which you can achieve the strongest power in the martial arts.

WHAT A STRIKE ACTUALLY IS.–No! You don’t just ‘hit’ somebody hard!

THE TRUTH OF FORCE AND FLOW AND WHAT THEY ACTUALLY ARE–This opens the door to the learning of all arts.

THE TRUTH OF THE TRIANGLE, SQUARE AND CIRCLE–This is the one the old masters talk about, but never really explain.

THE SIX SECRETS WHICH MAKE ABSOLUTELY ANY TECHNIQUE WORK!–This is it. This is the one that makes your technique work every single time no matter what!

CHAPTER AFTER CHAPTER DETAILING HOW TO MAKE THE SIX SECRETS WORK!–You will re-evaluate every technique you know once you know this material.



So, Are you ready for the deal of a lifetime?

How much would you pay for a course that does what I have just described, that actually delivers the goods and teaches you  how to be an instructor just as fast as you can absorb the data?



How about 29.95!

I originally offered this course for two hundred fifty bucks!

Now it is only thirty bucks!

    …and you get knowledge that people have spent their lives accumulating, and you get it so it is understandable,  not full of all the mystical bushwah that infects most arts.

One CD (104 page manual-PDF format)

Two DVDs


    …write me and tell me what you learned, what successes you have had, and I will send you a certificate…FREE!


You can’t really call yourself a teacher if you don’t know the information on this course!

All you have to do is click on the button.



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