Learn a Karate Drill

This section has free Martial Arts lessons, and on this page you can learn karate drill quickly and easily. You should make sure that you have done page one before you do this page.

Click here for page one–Free Martial Arts Lessons.

Click here for page three–how to do a Karate Form




Here’s a good article to help you out. Learn Martial Arts by DVD! 

Second Sequence~How to do a Karate Drill

Learn Karate Drill part one (stances)

Learn Karate Drill part two (blocking)

Learn Karate Drill part three (Six Step Punching 1/2)

Learn Karate Drill part four (Six Step Punching 2/2)

Handling a Mugging

Free Martial Arts Lessons are great, but obviously, you are going to get more in depth instruction by ordering the courses. The videos you see on these pages lead directly into the Learn Karate course available on this site. Click here to Learn Karate Now!

Click here for page three–how to do a Karate Form

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  1. Sensei, these videos are STELLAR. I AM starting my workouts! Thank you for the chance to learn the right way to do the right thing.

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