How to Glow Using this Martial Arts Secret

I really shouldn’t tell you this martial arts secret, I should save it and write a course and sell it to you. But, call me Mister No Self control, I am impelled to speechify. Here is the simple secret on how to glow.

martial arts secret

First things first, ask yourself what, exactly, is going to glow. That is going to be the tan tien, which is the energy generator,  which is going to start up and that is going to cause your body to glow. This might not be very noticeable, at least in the beginning, but just keep doing what I tell you in this article and you will start to notice the results.

You see, you make the body glow, and the discipline and the techniques make you glow. What is you, you might ask at this point. Good question, and if you have the right answer you can move to the head of the class, you probably do not need to be reading this right now.

Second things second, you aren’t going to glow if you aren’t leading a good life. If you aren’t virtuous, then you aren’t going to be able to ignite. A dark soul leads a dark life.

Third things third, when you are doing the martial arts, have somebody push on your body. This is called body resisting, or resistance training, and it is key to what we are going to do here. The person pushing must push lightly and so that the force goes through the body and into the ground.

As the energy goes through the body it ignites the tan tien, and, zingo bingo, we have the start of a glow. Let me repeat, the push must be light, we aren’t doing muscle building, we are merely building peaceful, relaxed resistance. And, the body must be arranged for max resistance with least effort, which is to say the body must be aligned.

Now, here is the key. If you are using lots of effort, then you aren’t resisting properly. You must resist by not using the muscles except in the most relaxed manner.

You are going to need a partner to do this drill, and herein lies the key to the matter. You thought you were going to glow all alone, sitting in the dark and reading a book without no stinking light bulb? No, you need people, you need give and take for this method to work, you need humanity, and that is no secret.

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