Matrix Karate Proven as a Faster Way to Learn Martial Arts!

Learn Martial Arts and Save Your Life!

Wham, bam and slam! You end up on the ground! You have just been beaten within an inch of your life! Maybe it’s time to learn martial arts?

learn martial arts

But they are so expensive, and people want to put you on long contracts, and it takes years to earn a black belt. Well, it used to take years to earn a black belt, unless you know about Matrix Karate.

Matrixing is the analysis and handling of force and direction (direction being flow). It enables a person to learn entire art forms within months. Not in the years and decades previously thought, but in mere months!

To understand Matrixing it is best to understand a couple of analogies. First, the mind is like a computer, accessing data at a phenomenal rate. Second, you have to understand the theory of fragmentation.

I don’t intend to take you on a long trip here, but to understand fragmentation you have to see the mind as a library. Data is stored in the mind like books on the shelves of a library. Solving a problem can be related to finding a book on a shelf in that library of your mind.

Now, normally, when you go looking for a book you can run to the card catalogue and find where the book is. Then you run down the rows to where the book is. Then you simply take the book to the front desk and check it out.

Fragmentation is when there are spaces in the shelves, and the books have been put in the wrong places. Simply, the filing system has gone totally out of whack. The information is there, but you can’t find it.

The martial arts, to be honest, are taught in a very loose and slipshod fashion. Arts are put together conglomerations of tricks from different societies, different cultures, tainted by vested interest, and so on. Simply, everybody who has ever taught the martial arts has ‘spun’ them, and the result is that they are a hopeless and unmanageable mess.

What Matrixing does is put the books back on the shelves, and it puts them in the right order. It arranges your martial techniques in a way that is so easy to access that it becomes instantly intuitive. When the muggers comes at you next time he is going to find himself on the wrong end of a very fast and intuitive fist! Matrixing is simply the easiest and fastest way to learn martial arts in the world.

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