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BTW, I’ve written near 2 million words on the Martial arts. This page deals with specific books and courses. You can find articles elsewhere on this site, and novels at

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matrix karateLearn Karate Now! World’s first Perfect Karate. Bonus Power Kicks Course on free second DVD. New method of teaching makes this the fastest, easiest and most efficient karate in the world.Book on CD + 2 DVDs. ($29.95 + S&H)

matrix kung fuLearn Kung Fu Now! The alphabet of grab arts, locks and throws. This is the ‘alphabet’ of joint locks from which all other techniques are made. Book on CD + 2 DVDs. ($29.95 + S&H)

Matrix AikidoLearn Aikido Now! A seminar in which new tracking method is used to teach four young men how to do Aikido in an hour and a half! You will be able to use Aikido in combat, and make any art into Aikido with this data. Book on CD + 2 DVDs. ($29.95 + S&H)

master instructorMartial Arts Instructor Course The information on this course has never been seen in the martial arts before. Book on CD + 2 DVDs. ($29.95 + S&H)

Learn Shaolin Kung Fu Now Classic system of Shaolin made logical. Ten forms and two man forms. Complete system of freestyle. Book on CD + 2 DVDs. ($29.95 + S&H)

butterfly pa kua changLearn Pa Kua Chang Now! Three complete systems of PKC: two basic systems and the classic Eight Animals. New teaching method makes this incredibly easier to learn. Data missing from classical PKC systems revealed. Book on CD + 2 DVDs. ($29.95 + S&H)

tai chi chuanFive Army Tai Chi Chuan New teaching method connects form to applications to push hands to freestyle. 90 minutes of effortless Intention (chi) Throws. 4 DVDs (no book). ($39.95 + S&H)

create your own artCreate Your Own Art! The only course of its kind…ever! Author constructs a new art, combines that new art with Pa Kua Chang to create yet another new art. Bonus book…yet another new art! Books on CD + 2 DVDs.($29.95 + S&H)

evolution of an artEvolution of an Art The best deal you will ever find! Three complete arts, Pan Gai Noon, Kang Duk Won, and Kwon Bup. 512 pages, 50K words, 1o35 graphics, dozens of forms, hundreds of techniques. Three Books on CD + 2 DVDs.($29.95 + S&H)

outlaw karateOutlaw Karate The famous One Year Black Belt Course. This was the original course that broke through the ‘speed of learning’ barrier. The most effective e Book on CD + 2 DVDs.($29.95 + S&H)

temple karateTemple Karate Two systems of classical karate, one is pre-Funakoshi. Includes studies of real motion applied to combat, single finger takedowns. 11 forms and 100s of techniques. 3 DVDs (no book). ($29.95 + S&H)

the punchThe Punch! A virtual doctoral thesis imparts complete understanding of what a punch is. Includes 8 drills which take one to the most powerful punch it impossible to have. Bonus book~The Kick! Instant download!($19.95)

blinding steelBlinding Steel New teaching method applied to weapons. All weapons, all ranges. Most workable disarms and takedowns in the world. Books on CD + 4 DVDs. ($49.95 + S&H)

matrixing chiMatrixing Chi Chi scientifically understood. No more mystery. How to generate and use chi are taught through an analysis of two forms. The only book of its kind in the world, this information is available nowhere else. Book (+ 2 bonus books) on CD ($19.95 + S&H)

yogataYogata (The Yoga Kata) Yoga designed by a martial artist for martial artists. Warm up or cool down, rehabilitate injuries. A few months of Yogata and you will have a body perfectly designed for the martial arts.  Instant download! ($19.95)

Matrixing Master TextMatrixing: The Master Text All the original research that went into creation of the Matrixing Technology.  180 pgs/8 1/2 by 11/ring bound or inquire for 1/2 price CD.


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