How to Download Martial Arts Directly Into Your Brain!

Download Martial Arts Like in the Matrix!

Zow powie and Kazam! You download martial arts directly into your brain, and you are suddenly as powerful as superman! And you, silly person, thought it only happened in movies like the Matrix!

download martial arts

Logic...Karate Style...Resolves All Body Motion!

Of course, since we don’t have the mainframe on line, and are not currently, cross your fingers, trapped in a matrix, we have to use other methods to accomplish the download. Let’s see, how about a fix all pill, or maybe if you put the end of that firewire under your tongue. That didn’t seem to work, so let’s try this thing called Matrixing!

I know you’ve heard about Matrixing, and that it does allow people to download fighting skills into their noggin in quick fast time, but what is the secret behind it? I mean, as I said, we don’t have the mainframe on line, so what’s the secret? How does this stuff work so fast?

The trick is a mysterious thing called logic. You simply have to take a martial art and put logical order into the thing. Of course, since most fighting disciplines look pretty much like a Chinese fire drill, this is sometimes hard to do.

The first thing you should understand, when rendering your art for matrixing, is that the Eastern arts are taught by monkey see monkey do, which is the slowest and most inefficient method of learning in the world. The tricks of the martial arts, you see, are random strings of data, they don’t have any relationship to one another, and it takes decades to memorize enough strings of data so that they can start to relate to each other and come together in any fashion And we all know that decades of instruction won’t cut it when the mugger is at your door.

So, you make lists of your basics, put them all in order, simplest to most difficult, then the data is streamable. Of course, the fact that the data is all out of order, a big, old conglomeration of multiple and different arts all squashed together, doesn’t help. Obviously, we need a better plan.

What we need is a method for separating the data and putting in order according to art. If we can do that, then we can not only resolve our individual art, but start to mix and match all the arts in a more palatable manner. Really, it’s just a big martial arts software problem, which, unfortunately, hasn’t been done before.

So, now you know what needs to be done if you wish to download data directly into your brain. To stream data, and not lose any due to confusion, that is the secret of learning the martial arts in this modern age. And now you know the theory behind the Matrixing software that can download martial arts, and a lot of other stuff besides, directly into your brain.

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