How to Increase Grip Strength with Karate!

How to Increase Grip Strength the Ancient Way!

Using a martial art like Karate, would you like to be able to increase your grip strength? Would you like to be able to crush a coconut just by squeezing it? With Kung Fu, can you take a shoot of bamboo and twist it until it shatters? With Shaolin, can you grab a man by the arm and, with a light application of squeeze, bring him to his knees?

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If you can’t do the things I have just mentioned, and you study any of the martial arts I have mentioned, then you should be wondering what is wrong with your martial art. After all, martial artists of other times could do these things, and other tricks, and make them look simple. That said, let me tell you about how to increase grip strength the ancient way.

One would think that an Iron Grip depends upon bulky muscle, but, there aren’t many muscles in the hands. Truth, the muscles that move the fingers are usually in the forearms. And, yes, you are going to need solid, dense muscles in the forearms.

To begin this type of martial arts training, make sure that your body is in good shape. I would recommend practicing Sanchin Kata the ancient way, with lots of dynamic tension and sinking the weight into the earth. Your entire body must be strengthened through this simple discipline.

Now, this exercise is incredibly easy, but must be done every single day, and for long hours. If you want to increase your grip strength, you’ve got to be willing to pay the price. So if you are one of these weak willies who think that going to a class makes you an expert, the door is over there.

You must practice at least an hour a day to make this exercise work, and you must complete the hour without fail. Second, you must be able to find a certain fascination of intent during your training. You must fall in love with the long, slow breathing method, and you must trust that you will reach your goal.

Stand in a Sanchin stance and hold two jars out in front of you. Your arms should be slightly crooked, and you should use only the fingertips for holding the jars. For the first month, hold empty jars, for the second month, add an inch of sand or water or dirt, and hold a high horse stance. Add an inch every month after that, and make your stance lower until you are in a deep horse stance.

And, when you have filled the jar, start again with an empty jar, but grease the lip of the jar. Now, some of you think I am making fun here, and you are the ones who are going to talk about the mysteries of the art, and never find them, or fulfill your potential. For those of you who are willing to travel to the depths of the true Martial Art, and through such simple vehicles as Karate or Kung Fu or Shaolin, I offer this profound article.

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  1. Why do I have to do it for an hour? Can’t I stop after I fatigue in 15-20min.

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