A Karate Punch is the Hardest Punch in the World!

Make A Powerful Karate Punch!

The reason a karate punch is the hardest punch in the world is because of this little thing called focus. Focus makes the whole greater than the sum of the parts, and it is the point at which all your energy comes together. Focus maximizes the efforts of the human being by concentrating all energy into one moment.

Hardest punch

A Tight Fist is a Heavy Fist!

It is quite fascinating that most martial arts schools have gotten away from teaching serious focus. Many karate schools prefer to strike the bag, rather than taking the time to develop proper focus. Hitting the bag is fine, of course, but it develops resistance which can, if not corrected, slow a strike down.

Proper focus takes place in the fist…and it doesn’t. This seeming contradiction means that the strike must come from the whole body. It must start from the stance, course through the body, and appear in the fist.

Correct body alignment is necessary at the point of impact. The bones and muscles and other body parts must be lined up between the feet and the target in a way which develops maximum efficiency. This doesn’t mean a straight line, necessarily, but it does mean choosing that arrangement of the body which gives best transmission of energy.

Something that people usually don’t understand, and which is critical to the art of karate, is the concept of nothingness. The body must be relaxed so that energy can travel through it. When the energy travels through an empty body it can summate in the sudden closure of a fist.

One moves the body without mass, then snaps just the fist, and then one is empty of energy. The snapping fist should actually make a popping sound. The idea is to snap the fist so that it closes just under the skin of the enemy.

It is a universal law that two objects cannot occupy the same space. Yes, one could thrust forward and knock the enemy’s body backward violently. Snapping the fist in proper focus, however, causes a shock wave to be exploded within the enemy’s body, and the result is massive revulsion, and the enemy dropping like a rock.

Proper focus disrupts the enemies body when you place it in the space of his body. What it is really all about is invalidating the enemy when he comes at you, you see. Practice your focus, remembering these points, and you will be able to invalidate the very molecules of an enemy’s body.
the hardest punch

13 responses to “A Karate Punch is the Hardest Punch in the World!

  1. You are absolutely right. A chambered punch is the hardest punch to execute in melee in the world. Haymakers have a higher success rate. After 25 years in the martial arts, I cannot recall when I ever saw that punch used effectively in real life. I have seen it taught in many ways, in a karate dojo where the instructor can create the illusion of practicality. Though I love my Tae Kwon Do, Goju Ryu, and American Kenpo forms, I am not one to believe in fantasies. After careful examination of the various striking styles from various regions, I have to say I believe Wing Chun/JKD/Chow Gar Trapping-Punching is the most effective, Western Boxing Style punches are the most often used, and the power delivered with a punch is dependent upon the practitioner and the level of the practitioner.

    • “A chambered punch is the hardest punch to execute in melee in the world. ”

      There is no chambered punch in karate. The pull of the hikite has grabbed your opponent’s limb and is pulling it down to your hip. You’re clearing his guard out of the way of your punch.

      More than that, it’s a completely instinctive action, even untrained people grab with one hand and pull as they punch with the other. Karate just formalizes the movement.

  2. Any punch regardless of style that you succesfully apply is a good punch. But after more than 25 years in martial arts the difference is more about the focus on internal rather than external when applied in a technique. And there is a big difference…

  3. such a bullshit. Karate punch doesnt come close to boxing punch DUE TO BODY MECHANICS. I know from psychology that if you spend all your life training in certain martial art, its hard to admit that this style has disadvantages, but lets be objective and smart. Boxers use shoulder and hips MORE than karate guy, because thats they way you punch in boxing. Karate fist rotates 180 degrees while boxers fist rotates only 90 degrees, but this extra rotation DOES NOT outweigh power which comes from shoulders and hips, which boxers rotate much MORE than karate guy. Only argument I can come up with in favor of karate is that karate guy uses bare knuckles, while boxers fight with gloves. As a result, micro scars form on knuckle bones and when these scars grow up, knuckles become more dense/harder. But this does not add anything to power. Boxing>Karate. Deal with it.

    • Hi ztdhbfd, respect your opinion. I a curious, how much Karate have you studied? Have a great work out. Al

    • Where did you get than karate practitioners don’t rotate their entire body. I certainly do and I practice martial arts, emphasized on karate as well. Watch Kyokushin karate fights, they use a decent amount of rotation like how you claim boxers use the most of their body. This article is bullshit you say, I say that statement of yours is ignorant and can clearly tell you are a boxing fan boy. DON’T EVEN TRY to argue with your beliefs on how boxing is greater than karate.

  4. Where are the proofs to support this “A Karate Punch is the Hardest Punch in the World!”?

    Totally aggree with ztdhbfd. It seems bullshit.

    • Hi Curious. Mas Oyama killed bulls. One chop. It takes boxers a LOT of punches to wear somebody down to where they can kill them. There’s lots of proof, but the real proof is studying the martial arts long enough to where one can actually feel a different kind of energy, the ‘chi energy,’ in the punch.
      BTW, to all who wish to comment. Proper English, which means without the curse words, is appreciated. You risk being not approved if you have potty mouth.
      That said, I appreciate that you commented, and have a great work out. Al

  5. “The reason a karate punch is the hardest punch in the world is because of this little thing called focus.”

    It’s not though. It’s simply not a fact.

    Boxers very consistently punch harder than karate practitioners. This isn’t necessarily a good thing. The hand has the smallest and most delicate bones in the body. Putting large forces through it tends to cause lots of damage to them.


    Boxers break their hands a lot when not wearing gloves… Be very careful about what you punch.

  6. William Philips

    I love Karate I am a 1st Dan black belt in Shotokan which focuses primarily on striking with the fists. There are, of course, kicks, but Kyu Kushin is a bit more involved with the kicks. Which I have also studied for a few years.

    However, in a comparison between Kung Fu, Karate (Shotokan), Tae Kwan Do, and Boxing

    The researchers were surprised to find that boxing is the fighting style capable of delivering the most force in a single punch.

    Boxer Steve Petramale delivered about 1,000 pounds (453.6 kilograms) of impact force, the equivalent of swinging a sledgehammer into someone’s face.

    His punch, the sensors revealed, starts in the feet and travels up the legs through the hips to the chest and shoulders, multiplying in force as it travels up the body.

    Yes, many martial arts ‘rotate’ at some point in maneuvering or striking. But it’s HOW they maneuver and the timing. It can be the difference in a hard trigger and a hair trigger. Boxers are simply reinforced in areas due to their training so when the chain reaction sets off for them the cycle the blow to the target, their training makes more use of heavily trained muscles.

    Amateur boxer in Highschool
    Shotkan 1st Dan
    Kyu Kushin purple belt
    Hapkido Black Belt.

  7. 100% karate has world strongest punches karatekas break concreet and steels without gloves ,their knucles are very strong , I agreed for your informations because Iam karateka

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