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This section has free Martial Arts lessons.

This is page one, and it teaches the correct way to do basics. Mind you, though I present these as Karate Basics, they are really Martial Arts basics, and the information here can be applied to any martial art. This applies to the pages on drills and forms, too.

Click here for page two–how to do a Karate Drill.

Click here for page three–how to do a Karate Form



Here’s a good article to help you out. Learn Martial Arts by DVD! 

First Sequence~The Four Blocks and Punching

Low Block

Outward Middle Block

High Block

Inward Middle Block


Free Martial Arts Lessons are great, but obviously, you are going to get more in depth instruction by ordering the courses. The videos you see on these pages lead directly into the Learn Karate course available on this site. Click here to Learn Karate Now!

Click here for page two–how to do a Karate Drill.

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  1. Just watched your videos here. I think this is good info. Thanks for putting this together and helping to expand peoples’ knowledge of Martial Arts!!

  2. Amazing videos. It really helps a lot. Thank you for showing this to us.

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