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karate bookIn writing the Martial Arts Master Text I knew I would be compared to many good Martial Arts books. Karate Do Kyohan: the Master Text, Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere, Yang Family Secret Transmissions, these and more come to mind. Matrixing: The Master Text, deserves honorable comparison with these great tomes.

This Martial Arts Master Text is a book that includes all martial arts, and defines the actual science of the martial arts.

In actual fact, there has never been a science of the martial arts. People have given lip service to the so called ‘science,’ but there have been no defining rules that encompassed all martial arts forms, techniques, motions, styles, freestyles, and so on.

karate kata

Matrixing is an actual science, this book, Matrixing: The Master Text, not only defines the science, but it presents the actual research that went into the establishment of this science.

In Writing this Martial Arts Master Text I included material from all the Matrixing courses. Thus, one sees the whole picture of the martial arts, sees the sequence of matrixing, sees how matrixing brings all the arts under one science.

Mind you, I have not given away the courses. There is a definite need for students of the martial arts to delve into the individual arts. Simply, one must study enough arts to appreciate the whole picture; even with matrixing, one must still gather sufficient data, must establish a large enough data base, to enter the True Martial Arts.

karate physicsThat said, in this book you will see matrix after matrix, from art after art, establishing the Matrixing process.

You get an historical viewpoint of how I evolved the individual Matrixes.

And, behind the matrixes, I have included the actual graphs I drew of the martial arts right after I solved them (matrixes them).

So what were the results of this research?

The first and most important result was…The Map.

karate illustrationThe map describes the actual geography of the martial arts. Like looking at a map of the United States enables you to see the whole thing, the Map enables one to see the whole martial arts.

I used The Map to isolate ranges of motion specific to a variety of individual arts.

I used The Map to isolate ranges of specific techniques.

I used The Map in a large variety of ways to illuminate my research into these areas that had never been fully described in the martial arts.

And, something interesting, a lot of people have written in and asked me about Matrixing Kenpo Karate.

karate patternThe Martial Arts Master Text includes my actual attempt to Matrix Kenpo, and why it didn’t work. This is invaluable data for any Kenpoka who wishes to understand the real reasons, and the actual science, behind Kenpo.

This is original research into Kenpo, and it is page after page of graphs tied into page after page of techniques. It is a whole whole art, viewed as it has never been viewed before in the history of Kenpo.

Mind you, it might be hard to decipher this material, but if you’re interested in the ground up viewpoint of how I managed to develop Matrixing, this is ground zero/Eureka/OMG, and Kenpo specific, all wrapped up in a rather messy package.

It is messy because it covers decades of experience, is an overview of dozens of my training manuals, and there is a lot of stuff that has never been seen before. Sometimes the writing is disjointed, the style and viewpoint is jumpy, and so on, because it is compiled from a variety of books and courses written over several decades.



  1. Lineage.
  2. Perfect Karate Forms and Matrix Forms and how and why they fit together. This is a complete art.
  3. Kicking drills and exercises.
  4. Zen exercises designed to empty the mind and clarify your purpose.
  5. Complete data on concepts underlying the martial arts.
  6. Complete data on the evolution of Matrixing.
  7. Complete data on the structure of Matrixing.
  8. Complete data, including original Matrix tables from a variety of Matrix courses.
  9. An overview of Matrixing.
  10. The one technique in the martial arts that is Matrixed and perfect.
  11. Original maps and charts essential to the development of Matrixing.
  12. A form segment from Monkey boxing which was influenced by Matrixing development, and which provides missing data as to the evolution of Matrixing Forms.
  13. Original Position Analysis Charts used to analyze an entire art (Kenpo).


180 pages

65,000 words

761 graphics

pages are 8 1/2 by 11

doubled columned for easier reading

On CD (PDF), you pay only $39.95!



For a hard copy (spiral bound)of this book pay only $49.95.



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