The Karate Kicking Bag From Hell and How It Kicked My…

Karate Kicking is a True Art!

“Go on, kick it!” I was standing in the darkened garage of the fellow who would soon be my Karate instructor, surrounded by his high ranking black belts. The bag they were telling me to kick hung ominous and silent form the ceiling.

karate kicking in 1974

I was learning Karate Kicking in 1974

It was only a bag, should be simple, I’ll impress the heck out of these guys. I’ll show them what my school is made of? I mean, it’s only a kicking bag, right?

I drew in breath and set my stance. I focused my gaze and studied my opponent. It looked to be about seventy pounds, not too tough, and I didn’t notice that the ceiling had been re-enforced to support the bag.

With mighty shout I thrust my sidekick out. My sidekick was my strongest kick, and it should bounce that bag off the ceiling like it was a ballon. My foot impacted, and nothing happened.

Well, something happened all right. The bag moved an inch and I bounced off, and a tremendous shock shivered my nervous system all the way up my leg and into my spine. And all the high ranking black belts rubbed their faces in a way that would conceal their grins.

My composure lost, I stared around in shock, and then stepped up to the bag. I ran a hand over it and asked, ‘What the heck is in here?’ I looked at the fellow who would soon be my instructor, and he merely smiled.

My first bag was a two dollar army duffel bag filled with free sawdust. I spent hours packing that thing, and I kicked it until my legs were short. I thought I knew what a bag was about.

What Bob, the fellow who became my karate sensei had done with his bags, however, was sheer genius. His first bags were like mine, filled with sawdust and pounded and packed until it was solid and meaty to the foot. Then he started adding a cup of sawdust every week, and the thing became ungodly tough, a real foot breaker.

Think that’s tough? Nope. His next invention was the real deal, and where he displayed his true genius.

He cut newspapers in a circle and put them in the bag. Newspapers, and all the news that’s fit to…kick. And that’s the story behind the toughest Karate kicking bag that ever kicked my butt.

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