Which Martial Arts Will Win?

Martial Arts Have Two Opposing Sides!

Martial Arts study quickly lets the student know that the universe is a dichotomy. Dichotomy merely means that something has two sides. Right and left, up and down, top and bottom, inside and outside, and so on into the abstract realm of principle and concept.

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Stop fighting and the right Martial Art will win

The basic dichotomy of the Martial Arts is war versus peace. This basic principle in opposition opens the doors to all sorts of other dichotomies. Dichotomies which question even our right to existence.

The newbie karateka walks into the martial arts dojo and is, in the very short while, confronted with the dichotomy of karate form verse karate freestyle. Does he elect to practice kata, with their abstract perfectionism, or does he fall for the lure of battlefield ready techniques of death and destruction.

Behind this example of contrariness is the simple question of control v destruction. Does the student practice techniques of control, or does he practice techniques of destruction, which are quick and easy to learn, but perhaps not in keeping with finding peace within the human soul. The answer will dictate which way he goes, and what kind of a human being he has decided to be.
Then there is the very simplistic but far reaching question of art v sport. Should he practice the martial arts for athleticism and a strong body, and then risk it in a battle for glory, or should he practice it for the abstract of art, and be willing to wait perhaps decades to experience the true benefits? Again, the answer will point to the very worth of his life.

Really, are we really engaged in questioning mind versus matter. Are we spiritually endowed…or are we but animals? Should we practice martial arts in hopes of living a wild and exciting journey, or should we study to illuminate the spirit within?

In considering these simple questions, man is pondering his fate. He is choosing to ascend or descend, and this in a murky fog with no sense of compass. For the real question deals with the worth of the human soul, and who is to tell us of the right and wrong choices residing within ourselves…but ourselves?

Right or wrong, we make our choices. Right or wrong, we are unique, and it is a choice to be savored.

This is a page about which martial arts will win.

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