How to Have Totally Fast Kung Fu Hands

Fast Kung Fu Hands Will Win the Fight!

I don’t care how much muscle the other guy has, if you have fast kung fu hands, then you are going to win. If he throws a hard punch, you are fast enough to block or step out of the way. If you throw a punch, it is going to be faster than his block.

kung fu hands

Do you understand how important this thing of speed is? Yet, the unfortunate fact is that nobody ever teaches people how to have fast hands. Nobody ever teaches you the specialized techniques or drills that result in your becoming able to move your kung fu hands faster and faster.

To be honest, to took me nearly seven years of dedicated training to become fast in the martial arts. That’s seven years of forms and techniques and freestyle and drills and exercises and work and exhaustion. There had to be a better way.

My real breakthrough into fast kung fu hands came when I had to do a large triple block, Large movements to handle simple punches, and I just knew there was no way I could perform those blocks fast enough.

But, if you absolutely have to do something…then you will. So in that kung fu move somebody threw three fast punches, and I had to respond with three large circles of the body, complete with hip twisting. I had to do it, and I therefore became able to do it.

This, to be sure, is an older training method. Set up a problem to be solved, then train your body over a number of years. This is the method used in most arts.

And, for the most part, it works. But you have to be careful, it is a speed of the whole body, not just of the hands, lest you lose out on the weight of the hips and generation of power.

The most important thing I learned, and this is the faster way to fast kung fu hands once you understand it, is ‘visualization.’ Be in one place, be there, and forget about being anywhere else. When you have forgotten about being somewhere else, be in another position.

The idea is to take out the transition between postures. To move not with muscles, but with intention.

The idea here is to take out all your ideas about weight and mass and the difficulties (commands to muscles, watching the slowness of motion int he universe) involved in moving the human body. Be here…then be there, and there is nothing in between. It’s a zen approach to the martial arts, and it still takes some work, but by backing up your kung fu sweat with a bit of mental attention and intention, it is possible to speed up your kung fu hands in months instead of years.

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