Sneaky but Powerful Kick Will Knock Bad Guy on His Fanny!

Powerful Kick for Powerful People!

This sneaky but powerful kick is a funny thing. You see, I never see anybody else use it. Not in the MMA, not in tournaments, not even in good, old regular dojo freestyle.

powerful kick

A Powerful kick is a Powerful Defense!

This kick is plenty fast, as fast as thought, and if I am not careful, and don’t pull it it is a real rib breaker. This kick is powerful, it is probably the most powerful kick in all the martial arts. And, every time I use it, I get it.

The kick is a replacement spin side kick, I often just call it a Pop Kick. That’s right, I turn my back to my opponent and can’t even see him. Yet, the kick works every time.

When you make this kick, you first have to be able to fight out of a horse stance. This is easily done, but there is a weakness to it. Obviously, you have turned your side, and your body is half closed, but with this technique this weakness becomes a strength.

So when I set fight out of a horse stance, I make it very temporary. I usually let myself be bullied into turning my body, and thus lulling the opponent. This undoubtedly helps the surprise of the kick when I deliver it.

Now, the trick is to be able to switch feet. So,to practice for this switch, I simply take a horse stance and let the energy pop from the tan tien. I make it like snapping the fingers–very important–make the replacing of the legs like the snapping of the fingers.

Now, take a stance in front of a wall, breath easily, relax, and practice, when switching the feet, making the foot coming around the back to plant upon the wall. One foot lands on the floor, and the other foot lands on the wall, and they must do so at the same time. The key here is to visualize the kick, see it in your mind, relax, and just let it pop, a simple popping thought.

Do you see what I am doing here? I am practicing kicking at the speed of thought, and it really works, for the kick becomes instantaneous, like the snapping of a magicians fingers. I start out in one position, the other fellow shutting me half down and thinking that he’s got me, and zingo bingo, I am popped to a spin and Side Kick. The sudden drop of the weight, the instant coordination, the strength of the side kick, the unexpectedness of it all, they all combine to make this one unstoppable mofo, powerful kick.

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