When You Really Learn Tai Chi Chuan You Will Find a Golden Truth

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When you really learn Tai Chi Chuan (taijiquan) you will find that there is a golden truth in it.  The truth is inherent in a symbol which, unfortunately, nobody understands. I am speaking of that grand terminus, the yin yang symbol.

grand terminus tai chi

The Grand Terminus

The Grand Terminus is the picture of two fishes swimming is night and day is good and evil is…poppycock. The Yin Yang symbol has nothing to do with those poetic observations. The Ying Yang symbol is actually a quite mechanistic approach and empirical observation to our universe.

Everything in the universe is a motor. A motor is defined as tension between two objects. Doesn’t matter whether the tension is push or pull, just that the tension exists and is real, and that is what holds our universe together and…keeps it apart.

An atom, with electron and proton, forever chasing and never catching, is a motor. Another example of a motor would be a cell, with potassium and sodium bubbling their happy little lives away. And this dichotomous viewpoint of the universe can be extended through all the combined motors, which are called machines, up to the attraction and repulsion of celestial bodies of the most intense and largest magnitude.

When you do Tai Chi Chuan (taijiquan) you are pulsing energy up the legs, across the generator, and down the legs. Back and forth, alternating current, causing the generator (the Tan Tien) to create its unique chi power. Imagine the generator as a little cup of tea, being swirled, not to slosh, but to be mixed in yin yang motorific fashion, just enough to froth just a bit of steamy chi.

As you do more and more you become aware of the space that your body occupies in space, and awareness hollows out your body and makes it a receptacle for this chi power. Eventually the golden elixir, summoned far more efficiently and efficaciously than any ancient alchemist might believe, fills the body, becomes responsive to the wish and desire of the student/philosopher. Good health, strength and endurance, mental clarity, all are the product of a body made to function the way it was designed to be functioned.

Animals follow this practice, and wonder why we don’t. Babies are possessed of Tai Chi, and robbed of it through the cultural expectations which accompany the aging process. And, the space of yourself being attained, you know the answer…who you were before you were born, and who you are after you die…this is what you learn when you really learn Tai Chi Chuan (taijiquan).

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