The Corruption of the True Martial Arts

It is a fact that the True Martial Arts have been corrupted. The problem is that arts such as karate and kung fu and such are taught by the most woefully inadequate method in existence. This incredibly slow method is called monkey see monkey do.

The Mind is Like a Computer


Your mind can be compared to a computer. When one feeds random data into the computer the result is corruption. Things you learn contradict other things you learn, and the result is slowed reaction times as you sort through the data, and inefficiency, and the extraction of actually incorrect data. And you thought that low block would protect your face?

One form of corruption is  vested interest, simply, somebody is trying to get money, and therefore messes up the data of the martial arts. For instance, there is a pro MMA fighter who, during the Ultimate Fighter TV show, gave the ludicrous advice of hitting somebody in the foot. The reason he gave this advice was because, and this he admitted later on the show, was because he might have to face one of these fighters some day, so he wasn’t going to tell them squat.

Another form of corruption is the tournament itself, simply, the desire to win a trophy encourages one to follow certain rules, and these rules don’t always apply to survival on the street. A fellow doesn’t bother learning to protect his groin because the rules say the other fighter can’t strike him there. So guess where he gets hit when he has to use his art for real?

One of the worst forms of corruption is when the government tells you how to practice your fighting discipline. You might think it doesn’t happen, but Korea started this thing called Taekwondo, and threw away the rather phenomenal art of Karate, and China killed off or imprisoned all its kung fu masters, then hired a bunch of physical education coaches to create wu shu. In this country we have the AAU, Olympic committees, and so on, and martial art do you think Obama is going to proscribe for you?

Medicine is a great corrupter because medicine skews all the data. Touch this pressure point here and you will do great damage, but the student needs the ability to actually punch and survive in combat before he can go looking for fine, little embroidery points. And every school preaches their own strikes as being able to stop the heart, damage the kidney, and so on, but they woefully neglect training a student to be able to absorb the actual impact of striking a human body.

Probably the worst of the lot of corrupters is commercialism. How many mommies take their little Johnnies down to a karate school to learn to protect himself, and then shriek when he gets  a cut lip or black eye? And what if the little Johnnie was actually taught something that worked, and then knocked the whole crap out of the school bully, what would the lawyers have to say about that?

In conclusion, the martial arts have been corrupted in the worst possible ways. Fortunately, there is a solution, and it works quickly and easily, and it is the only solution on this planet, and there has never been anything like it. Unfortunately, if you don’t find this solution you are just a monkey, prone to the corruptions of art, and never really breaking into the true blessings of the True Martial Arts.


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