Chi Power-The Riddle Solved!

How to Generate Chi Power

One of the all time mysteries in the martial arts is the question of Chi Poweer. This is that mysterious energy that builds in martial artists until they can do superhuman feats. They can break stone, put out flames at ten feet, cause death in an assailant at twenty feet.

chi energy

Good, solid, hard chi power.

The problem here is that most of these tales of superhuman abilities are proof challenged. Sure, people can break bricks, rocks, coconuts, and so on, and I’ve even seen people put out candles with a punch, and I mean from across the room. But killing somebody from twenty feet without even touching them…hey, I’m still alive!

But, this doesn’t mean there is no such thing as Chi energy. As a long time practitioner of the martial arts I have seen enough that I firmly believe in the existence of Chi. I have also seen that most people don’t believe in it, except in the most ambiguous manner.

On the basic level, Chi is nothing more than body energy, and it is located approximately two inches below the navel. This energy can be cultivated by proper diet, elimination of our sins, good exercise, and a generally healthy lifestyle. The benefit of this energy is  good health into old age, resistance to illness, and a cheerful outlook on life.

On a more mysterious level, the level at which most people think when they are thinking of superhuman achievements, Chi is a matter of properly cultivated thought. This level is developed through disciplined methods which make us able to go beyond what we thought was humanly possible. This disciplined thought, in actuality, is the process of deleting the radio static quality of think from our minds, and leaving us with the calm no static quality of who we really are.

Let us say Joe Blow practices a tried and true method of growing his energy, which would be a martial art that is not eclectic, and has not been stripped of the power in its design and propagation. Through the disciplined practice of that art Joe Blow becomes intent on what he is doing, and he stops thinking while he is doing, and he starts doing purely.

This means that he has no mental chatter going on, that the fact of being a human is put in the background, and the pureness of who he is without a body is enhanced. Some people, during the course of their disciplined practice, even experience their existence from outside the body. But no matter how they experience this occurrence, they are still left with a truth that builds Chi, and tells them who they truly are…and which enables them to perform the superhuman feats which result from proper and real Chi Power. If you want real Chi Power, check out the Matrixing Chi book at Monster Martial Arts.

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2 responses to “Chi Power-The Riddle Solved!

  1. AL, have you ever thought about creating a brain wave subliminal and hypnosis CD ROM/DVD that programs the key concepts of matrix karate, kung fu(Tai Chi & Bagua) nuetronics, and akido deep into your mind. It could be a sleep programming CD or Training DVD that programs you while you practise.

    • I never thought of it. I think the only thing that would stop me form doing such a thing is that Matrixing is logical, and becomes intuitive, and increases awareness. I always wonder whether hypnosis, being more of a subcoscious teaching tool, would increase awareness. I’ll have to think about this, and do a little research, because its an interesting idea.

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