The True Secret Chi Power in the Martial Arts!

Secret Chi Power Is What It is All About!

When I was growing up, last century, there was this strange beast called the martial arts. People could defend themselves with little effort, merely through the use of this strange Chi Power Energy. Heck, women could beat up attackers, and even children could defend themselves using this energy in the art called Karate.

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I explored Kenpo, and Goju, and then judo, and several other martial arts, and I found little trace of this mysterious chi power thing. Mostly, you just stood in line and hit the air, and I began to believe that chi might be more of a myth than a reality. Still, I saw pictures of people breaking bricks, and doing other things which, even though they seemed a bit muscular, touted this strange energy called Ki.

As decades passed, and as I performed my katas thousands and thousands of times, a strange thing began to happen. I began to feel the world beyond myself. I began to see the world without eyes, through intuition and a sense of myself that went far beyond body. Slowly, I began to understand this ki thing, and to understand that circus tricks were the icing, and enjoyable, but that Ki was something else.

I studied Aikido, and Tai Chi Chuan and other internal style martial arts. I began to feel a strange energy seep through me, and I began to enjoy a profound health which made me feel more spry than even when I had been young. And I began to realize certain things about this thing called Ki which should be understood, should people wish to really delve into the truth of the subject.

When you do your kata (forms) you must lower your hips, for this will create a better connection to the planet. A better connection means more and perceivable energy will course through the legs and into the tan tien. And the tan tien is nothing but a simple energy generator.

If you can excite the tan tien through the use of forms, then you can cause energy to filter upward through the body. This energy will excite a middle tan tien in the upper body, and then cause a person, through the excitation of the upper tan tien, in the head, to view his body from the outside. Thus, the body is filled, point by point, and becomes a battery charged with supernormal energy.

The energy of the body can be used in a variety of fighting discipline, and this provides a whole new education for a student of the martial arts. To explore this education one should attempt to not use muscles, for energy locked into muscles stops the body, and stops the intention which drives the energy, and stops the production of Ki. Instead, when striking, one should be like a noodle, eventually not even tightening the fist, merely driving it through the attacker, and occupying the space of his body.

Chi, whether it is called prana or pneuma or ki  or intrinsic energy or whatever, is not mysterious. It is simple to find and define and use, if one only pay attention to the simple things I have written in this bit of writing. Whether you study shotokan or goju or uechi, whether you practice yoga or tai chi, this thing called ki is available to you, and it is The Path of The True Art.

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