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Learn Kung Fu Now Decades of martial arts, dozens of arts, and it all comes down to this!

The Truth of Dr. Root’s Traveling Snake Oil Kung Fu Lessons Can you trust those comic book ads? Billy Blanks infomercials? That internet splash page where you get to take out eight skin head nazis with one kick? Can you? Can you?

The Sad Tale of Wu Shu and the People’s Republic of China Unfortunately, Kung Fu isn’t Kung Fu, at least as it is  taught by the People’s Republic of China. Here’s the tragedy that happened.

 Shaolin Butterfly Presents a Real Kung Fu Strategy for Fighting The secrets behind the five animals; there is an actual, logical scientific method to be found here!

Discovering The Truth of Kung Fu History Where did Kung Fu come from? Interestingly, there are some actual recorded instances.Sometimes these instances support the legends, and sometimes they don’t.

How to Learn Kung Fu Secrets Quickly The secret isn’t in the secrets, it’s in the student’s ability to cut through the bushwah and find the core concepts hidden in the arts.

A Look at Various Iron Body Kung Fu Methods So many legends, so many lies. Here is the truth behind the more popular myths of Kung Fu Super Powers.

How to Learn Kung Fu Fast with the Shaolin Butterfly! How one fellow studied different systems, then put them together in a simpler and more easy to learn Shaolin Kung Fu.

How to Make the Transition from  Shaolin Kung Fu to Wudan Martial Arts! Sometimes the secret methods aren’t secrets at all, but rather a natural progression of art!

Be a Kung Fu Master, Learn the Secret of Light Kung Fu! A clever way to cut to the chase and study real Kung Fu.


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