How to Learn Kung Fu Secrets Quickly

Kung Fu Secrets and how to Find Them!

You need to learn kung fu secrets quickly in today’s society. Murders, rapes, the general dissolution of health, you need to learn shaolin  or wing chun or one of the very combative fighting disciplines, and you can’t take your sweet time about it.

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Unfortunately, it can take three or four years to learn Kung Fu moves. It can take a dozen years to master a martial art. The problem is that this is just too long, and this is problem we’re going to fix right here.

My solution to this problem was to isolate the main concept–and motion–behind a system of kung fu, and concentrate upon just that concept. I didn’t want to train by memorizing endless patterns and martial applications, you see, I wanted to go for the gold. I wanted to find out what secret was behind any system I studied.

The problem was that every system I studied seemed to have a different concept. The Mantis hooked and pulled and Wing Chun slipped and struck. Tai Chi absorbed and guided, and so on.

None of the systems seemed to have much to do with one another! But, I reasoned, fighting is, at heart, fighting! There had to be a simple concept that tied them all together.

There had to be some simple thing that was common to each oriental discipline, no matter how different the fighting system seemed to be! There had to be an underlying principle that I was missing. And, in the end, I found it.

No matter what art you are studying, the body is the one thing that remains the same. Kung fu, dance, flower arranging, taking a walk…they all need a body. And the body is constructed the same, pretty much, from person to person.

Thus, I took apart and considered all the arts, and found that there is a principle of body motion, relating to and coming from the body, that is the same for virtually all arts. And the arts I was studying suddenly resolved and made sense. I had found the gold!

Eventually, I formed my own system, and it is based on this common principle of body structure, and the only potentials of motion that a body is capable of. I call this system the Shaolin Butterfly, and the true glory of it is that is includes virtually all potentials of motion from all other systems of Kung Fu. Oh, and one other thing about this system that is great–it can be learned in a couple of months, and this is how you learn kung fu secrets fast!

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