Martial Arts Fighting in the Dark: How to Train Yourself!

Martial Arts Fighting Tip #43

You go into your house, and the lights don’t click on. You head for the garage and the circuit box, and you find out why the lights don’t go on. A mugger flies through the darkness at you, swinging a club and screaming, you are down and out.

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Fighting is not what it is all about!

You think a fight is a stand up thing, on a good surface with good lighting so you can see everything? You think the mugger is going to turn on the lights and tell you to take your best karate stance because he intends to beat you up? You’ve been watching too many many bad movies, my friend.

The fight will happen in an alley on slick gravel with no lights. The fight will happen in your backyard on the grass late when you least expect it. The fight is going to happen when you least expect it, and it will be dark to give your mugger an advantage.

It is actually easy to learn how to fight in the dark, you just have to get used to moving in the dark. One of the easiest exercises to prepare you, no special equipment needed, is to just move around your house late at night. Turn the lights out and remember where the furniture is, and move around.

Do your martial arts forms, shadow box, pretend there is somebody there, and soon you will have an intuitive feel for moving around in the darkness. This matter of developing intuition is what it is all about. You must know where everything is without having to rely on your eyes.

Practice climbing a tree when it is dark, moving around your backyard like a ninja, actually building up to rolls and gymnastics and other tricky martial arts movements. You can also set up obstacles, ladders up to ladders down, climbing over the house, learning how to navigate in pitch dark no matter what. When you get good, have somebody else set up the obstacles, now the game is going to turn unpredictable, and your awareness is going to have to turn up.

Finally, you must get friends who want to play this game. Have the fellows you train with doing this with you, and start having wars. Two teams, both dressed in black, playing in the dark, remember to wear mouthpieces and practice relaxing when you fall.

Yes, a fight may well happen in the dark, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. You can train yourself, become more aware, and all while having fun. Just think, playing games, having fun, and being the ninja…that poor mugger, he has no idea what he is going to be running into!

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6 responses to “Martial Arts Fighting in the Dark: How to Train Yourself!

  1. Once you develop your energy body. It funtions like the Eddie Rickenbocker spere, even with your eyes closed. You can sense their energy body also. Then is easy to fight in the dark. Like the Tai chi chuan Classics say: Let their be no holes or projections, excesses or deficiencies.

  2. Shinobus Maximus

    It’s not enough to practice in total darkness. You also need to consider low light levels and ways to use shadows and lighting in situations. Blind, dazzle or distract our enemy. Silhouette them against the sky or lights from windows. Hide your strikes in the shadow of your own body, etc. Use the night to affect their mind.

  3. Also a blindfold can be useful for training or sparring.

  4. You see, I don’t have any friends and my whole entire family was killed by a man in a white Michael Myers mask and three different jumpsuits on, I’m not gonna lie to you, it looked like he had a machete but it still looked like it could have been a sword I didn’t know, I knew I wasn’t really dealing with Michael Audrey Myers but it sure as hell looked like him, and he killed my whole family and now people are bullying me because I don’t have ANY friends or a family just because of the killer that took all that away from me and I fear that that terrible man may return while I’m sleeping and try to kill ME too, so I arm myself heavily, day and night and I can’t even SLEEP without having nightmares about him returning and killing me and so I got the idea right out of a random… god knows WHERE that if I can’t sleep piecfully then I won’t sleep at all, I need to learn how to fight in the dark and I don’t wanna learn Karate just for some random reason that I don’t even have, because I don’t think I can LEARN to be a black belt and be able to use martial arts in pitch darkness and plus, I won’t become a black belt fast enough even if I try, SO I decided to just learn how to fight in the dark instead and I don’t have anybody in my family, who can teach me how, I don’t have any friends who can teach me how and my anxiety ALWAYS acts up in the night over just a single strange sound I hear in the middle of the night. I can fight ugly but not in the dark, plus I get creeped out just thinking about who could possibly be behind that mask! I eventually took matters a bit farther and thought “If I want something deadly other than martial arts, what about fighting in the dark?” So, here I am, asking to learn how to fight in the dark here at home, this way, the next time that snot-nosed perverted FUCKER tries to mess with me I can beat his ass and give him what the fuck he deserves, teach his ass a lesson he won’t soon forget, maybe THIS way, I can probably fight for a girl and finally, at LEAST have a friend which I never had before, or a girlfriend which I never had before or a wife which I never had before. So I’m not so lonely all the time!

  5. This is why I tell people, sometimes, shit happens, someone’s gotta deal with it and who ya gonna call?

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