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matrix martial artYou aren’t really a martial artist until you create your own martial art.

Let me ask you a question: Are you going to be a better martial artist if you have to remember what somebody taught you, or if you have reached the point where you are creating your own moves in the moment?

This course, ‘Create Your Own Martial Art,’ is the only course of its kind in the world. It is a unique method for actually delving into the core principles of any art and seeing the truth of that art.

The material of this course has never been seen, not in any studio, not in any system, ever. It is that unique.

After viewing this course, and especially after doing the drills I present, you will understand the geometric progression of all arts. You will understand the interconnectivity of all techniques. You will understand how to take apart any martial art, and put it together in the highest example of art that there is.

This course was actually the first example of Matrixing ever put on film. It is raw footage, and it cuts through to the heart of all martial arts, and it shows the actual step by step methods used to create Matrixing.

matrixing martial artThere are a couple of things you should be aware of.

One, I recommend you take one or more of the earlier courses on Matrixing. This, as simple as it is, is very advanced stuff.

Two, the quality of the video is blurry. This material was shot some twenty years ago, and the technology of the time was nowhere near what it is now. Still, you will be able to see what I am doing, and hear what I am saying.

That said, let me explain what is on the course.

A book on ‘How to Create Your Own Art,’ with original diagrams and artwork.

Over an hour of video including three specific ‘mini-courses.’ The courses are:

The Infinite Fist. I create an art from the ground up. This is an art of geometrical perfection.

Pa Kua Chang. I apply matrixing concepts to an internal art and make it perfect. This makes it incredibly easy to learn.

Pa Kua Chang and the Infinite Fist. I take the two previous arts and show how to put them together. This is rather astounding, for you will see some really amazing two man drill potentials come out of this.

create martial artIn addition, amongst the diagrams and material you will get first hand knowledge of such things as:

The 16 Step Self Defense. This is the first Martial Arts Matrix ever constructed. An interesting story on this…I wrote this thing out in freehand and copied some diagrams, and I handed them out to students. One of the students happened to be talking to a high ranking Shotokan teacher one day, and he brought out the diagrams and asked him what he thought. The teacher glanced at the diagrams, started to look away, then stopped, and fixated on them. ‘What is this? I don’t…where is the next…who did this?” My student said he almost had to pry the diagrams out of the teacher’s hands, he was that fascinated with them.  This is a true story, one of those little gems that makes me laugh when I think about it.

Heck, the guy could have come over and asked me, and I would have laid everything out and shown him. It was fairly new to me at the time, a culmination of thought processes, and I was curious what other people thought.

Anyway, this course is loaded with good stuff.

Again, it is rough, video quality is barely acceptable, you have to know your stuff and have an open mind, but this is the start of it all. This is the quantum physics of the martial arts, ground zero, where it all starts…this is the actual video taped creation of the most significant breakthrough in all Martial Arts in the history of the world.

This course is an instant download, and you can be doing it within two minutes!

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  1. Steven Firepants

    I live in Japan and I have a 2 dan grade in Bujinkan budo taijutsu. This sounds very interesting and I would like to know more. However, there is so much unreliable information around on the internet, so I am reluctant to hand over any money right now. The information on this web page is very vague – if you can give me just a few (or even one) usable piece of advice about how to improve my art, then I would be hapy to buy your guide.

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