Small Joint Manipulation and the Mixed Martial Arts!

Mixed Martial Arts and the Small Weaknesses

When people watch Mixed Martial Arts, they see all the big knock outs and watch grown men being twisted into mat slapping pretzels. Amazing and potent stuff, but they are missing one, simple little point. They are missing one of those little MMA rules that not many people pay attention to, you see, is No Small Joint Manipulation.

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Now what the heck could be so frightening about small joint manipulations that the monsters of the MMA, with all their slobber knocking strikes and limb wrenching prowess, could be deathly afraid of them? I mean, couldn’t you just beat the crap out of somebody who tries this Small Joint Manipulation thing? Shouldn’t it be easy to handle somebody who is only attacking, like, your little finger?

One thing I discovered, early on in my martial arts career, is that if you grab somebody by the fingers, and Small Joint Manipulation usually refers expressly to the fingers, the fight is over. If you grab somebody by the finger and bend that finger back, they will go up on their toes, prance around and follow you, and even follow their little finger, should you throw that finger, say, off a cliff. Isn’t that weird?

Another thing you can do with those bendy, little digits is twist them. Grab a couple of fingers and just turn them. They will grind, the knuckles will grind, and Mr. Bad Guy will suddenly swirl around in front of you and you will be able to literally mop up the floor with him.

Another thing you can do with fingers, and I really love this one, is press sideways on them. Simply place a thumb on a joint, another finger on the tip of their finger, and press sideways to the way the joint is meant to bend. Man, this is an instant finger cracker, and Mr. Mugger is going to fall to his knees and start begging.

Here’s an insidious little trick, dig your fingernail into the base of the nail. This is like bamboo shoots up the fingers, and the pain is unbelievable. Again, Mr. Bad guy will drop to his knees and beg you to have mercy.

My favorite small joint manipulation, however, is to catch the fist and push the tip of a finger towards the second joint of that finger. You are bending the finger more than it is meant to bend, and some fool Home Invader is going to be screaming for mercy. This is a hard one to get, but that makes it all the juicier when you do make it work.

Fingers, small little things  that have great pain potential. Grab a finger or two and twist, bend back, bend sideways, bend too much, dig your nail into, and somebody is going down. Practice a few of these (gently) with a friend, and you’ll soon know why the big, bad boys of the Mixed Martial Arts world are deathly afraid of a little True Art.

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  1. i like what you have to say about mma and small joint manipulation . can you do an article on the gracies and gracie jiu-jitsu who act like their art is better than every other martial art and act like kungfu and karate and other traditional martial arts are inferior to them and their gracie jiui jitsu style because it annoys me as a kungfu stylist seeing them allow posting videos on youtube of them always winning and kungfu and karate always winning and them acting arrogant and disrespectful of traditional martial artists

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