How the Fox Taught the Hounds!

Originally Published in inside Karate (Sept 94)

I have been involved in the martial arts for nearly three decades. During that time I have heard some absolutely outlandish stories. Here is a sampling:

Bad Dog

The Big Dog Speaks!

There was the fellow who hung his rank certification on the wall so that all might see and know how accomplished he was. One day an old chinaman walked in. old chinamen, as most people know, actually read Chinese. Bursting into laughter the fellow asked the honorable sifu why he was advertising fireworks.

Back in the late sixties there was a 2nd degree black belt in judo who woke up to find two burglars in his house. By breaking assorted bones the 2nd dan managed to retain possession of the burglars long enough for the police to arrest them. When the case went to court the martial artist made the statement that he ‘lost his temper.’ Because of that statement the burglars were able to successfully sue the martial artist for injuries.

And the humorous happening that I heard last month:

Mike H., a martial artist in Tujunga, Calif, is quite dedicated. The reason for this is that he is a bounty hunter. Quite simply, during the course of his daily work he puts his life on the line.

When Mike first became a bounty hunter his company insisted that he practice martial arts with the rest of his team. During the course of the class Mike had a falling out with the instructor. Following the instincts that led him into this dangerous profession Mike ‘ran a make’ on the martial arts instructor. Interestingly enough, it turned out that the instructor was a ‘wanted man.’ The next time the instructor showed up to teach his students they arrested him. This is what I refer to when I tell people about the time the ‘Fox taught the Hounds.’

Humor and horror, in my opinion these are the yin and the yang of our day to day life. This column will be dedicated towards seeking out those yins and yangs and presenting them to you, our pleasured reader.

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